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slickrick Jul 21, 20 1:40 PM

Mothergoose and Charles, I truly appreciate the response to your daily watch list. Thanks again for the Tweets!

slickrick Jul 21, 20 2:06 PM

Great call on IMRN, up $16.73, +61% for the day, don't want to chase it. Should have bought 100 shares early this am.

slickrick Jul 21, 20 2:18 PM

My mistake, spiked from close of $10.49 on the 20th and opened today at $19.59. must have been some heavy A.H. & A.M. buyers. Currently at $15.10, will watch and thanks.

slickrick Jul 23, 20 2:10 AM

Goose and Charles, if you have a watch list for Thursday the 23rd can you please shoot it my way, thanks.

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