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sofiamaria Apr 30, 2:45 AM

Hey John I love this video thank you!!! I made notes. I feel very lucky that I have become profitable so quickly. I have studied my ass off though! Thank you for this xxx

reverselong Apr 30, 3:45 AM

wow thanks for pointing out the trade tags on Tradervue... crazy how you can learn something all the time from everybody like you say. thats why you gotta learn everything!

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[TimChallenge] $10.1k profit on the day. New best month $64k. Crossed over $400k total profits today too.

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[TimChallenge] $5k realized today. $14k on the week and about $7k unrealized on my swings

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KarenBoughan Aug 10, 20 6:48 PM

Thanks. I am going to print that out and keep reading it.

bostrom Aug 27, 20 5:10 PM

you will be my motivation

scaredcynical Mar 09, 10:24 PM

@papajohn Glad I just found this post by chance! Roland's revelation about turning Grittani's shorts upside down is huge and so is your explanation of risk on LOD / spike pullback area. Thank you!

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RouxBourbon Feb 20, 19 9:31 PM

Cool. Thanks man, you have some very good insight. I will definitely keep your stuff on watch. I learned quite a bit.

asfricksrs Feb 21, 19 7:36 AM

Thanks John. I learned from your view on the OTC that you consider...nice breakdown thank you!

shaneshare26055 Mar 06, 19 4:46 AM

Thank John. Much clearer for me especially Risk/reward, entry and exit

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MoonShot May 08, 19 1:02 PM

Awesome video John. Loved the part about " revenues, no assets, and no specific business plan or purpose...". LOL, but give us your money!

papajohn May 08, 19 5:17 PM

@MoonShot haha yeah that was funny to see that spelled out in the filing

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