@papajohn What do you think of $BYOC and $INNV today (21/2)?

papajohn Feb 21, 1:19 PM

$INNV is coming right into a lot of older resistance that would keep me away from that one. $BYOC looks nice. I would want to see a few days of consolidation right around .15 before buying a breakout just because it has had a lot of green days leading up to today. And I just looked at the charts so if I were to play them I would have to look into things like sector, float, sec filings and recent news which I didn’t look at.

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papajohn Feb 19, 8:01 PM

@JKelly lol. Yeah I considered CP but I think I will wait until I am shorting more before I try them out. It looks like they have a lot of fees for just about everything and since I mainly go long, IB should offer me everything I need.

copperhead Feb 20, 11:36 PM

Congrats - very inspiring to see your success!

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TheFirstLadyOfTea Feb 01, 3:49 PM

This reminds me so much about the crypto ;)) When it reached really high in last Dec, I thought-it could go higher..just wait...then it crashed in Jan...Should have sold half then dip buy if I want...Great post, as usual!!!!

Amseko Feb 04, 4:58 PM

nice and thanks

JKelly Feb 05, 8:41 PM

If you trade with a Macbook, Just open QuickTime and click "New Screen Recording" and Boom. Best software out there.

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1penny_WISE Jan 27, 6:35 PM

good stuff! I know we are personally trying the OTC breakouts as one of a couple of strategies to see what works for us. Your insight has been very helpful to add to what we're learning from the dvds. I agree though, we all have to study and figure out what works for us! Congrats again on your rebound!

1Hafid Jan 27, 9:07 PM

As always, great advice bro!

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