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calvinw Mar 15, 19 10:43 AM

I eally need a photo editing software to convert these spreadsheeets into jpegs.

calvinw Mar 15, 19 12:59 PM

For anyone that might take a look at my WL, please keep in mind that I AM NOT a STT subscriber. I did the trial period untill I make more than enough to subscribe. i think the screeners will help me so much more. Just wanted to alert that since I took a basic lesson (training webinar template) from Mr. Bohen. GLTA! :)

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Israelkeys Feb 22, 19 2:02 AM

I enjoyed the video, thanks papa

MoonShot May 08, 19 1:02 PM

Awesome video John. Loved the part about " revenues, no assets, and no specific business plan or purpose...". LOL, but give us your money!

papajohn May 08, 19 5:17 PM

@MoonShot haha yeah that was funny to see that spelled out in the filing

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