Well after 3 years of trading, I am beginning to come to a better understanding of the market. I have given this much thought and have decided to delete my previous trades up until this point. My balance on profitly at the time of this post is ($11,719.50) I know that there are more trades that have not been uploaded and I am going to say it is safe to say that I am about ($20 K) in the red. However; on March 11th, 2020 I began a different strategy. One that I understood and never tried. I have been a long biased trader up until that point. It was not until I began to short stocks that I became profitable. I am truly thankful for all of the experienced traders in the challenge chat room. The mentors and traders on there are like none you will find elsewhere. Over the last two months I have made over $7K. I am going to delete my former trades and begin new as of March 2020. So, keep in mind that you would need to subtract about 20K from my profit column for it to be accurate. I consider this a new beginning, so I am beginning anew with current trades. Thanks!

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RouxBourbon May 09, 9:59 AM

Quick follow up: There very next day May 8th: I got over PDT and decided that I would try some long positions. Not one, not two, but three different trades. I thought that since I did not have to worry about a day trade, that I would cut my losses quickly. I gave back most of my profits for the week and lost about $1900 dollars. Now I am worried about going under pdt and see the psychological factors that it plays. But the lesson I learned is that I need to stick to what is working. My short str

Jackaroo May 15, 7:45 AM

Good luck on your short selling journey :D

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townboytrades May 05, 7:25 AM

Great recap man! You are a big inspiration to alot of us. Would love for you to do a video in the future talking about your excel tabs. Got a bit curious about the "risk manager" tab. Keep up the good work!

Windwalzer May 05, 9:55 PM

Nice month for you. Interesting when you evaluate how you mental status is and how your trades go. Thank you for sharing, get a lot from you hard work.

WendyIrene May 07, 5:20 PM

Thanks for the recap! Really helpful

billydpc May 19, 11:28 PM

Enjoyed the video - liked the message at the end

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rubenfavela May 30, 6:36 PM

Thanks, stick to your process, avoid copy cat others people process

Peachtart Jun 06, 5:59 AM

Thanks Jack. Ignore what others are doing, and do what is right for you. Why didn't I think of that !! Simple is best.

Wizetrader1 Jun 24, 11:50 PM

Great job Jack going over $500,000 love your info you share

night_knight Jun 27, 9:02 AM

watching this in 2020. can't believe you got to half a million just trading OTCs. And OTCs are just so predictable, especially the vwap hold right up til mid day. That's a good pattern to look out for. Takes a lot of patience and mental strength to just stick to plans though. Shall learn.

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