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jcash3485 Oct 20, 8:51 PM

Thanks jack, would like to see more videos of the otc swizzle and your long setups

cdouray73 Oct 29, 1:04 PM

Thanks for sharing and keeping it straightforward

MoonShot Nov 01, 4:03 PM

Congrats on getting back to your bread & butter setups and not letting success derail you.

Steve626 Nov 06, 9:05 PM

Great lesson, very simple in keeping up with what works for you (me). Thanks!

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Posting for future reference. TimLento:Trading Terms 1 Trading Terms 2 Chart Analysis Introduction to Candlesticks 1 Introduction to Candlesticks 2 Technical Analysis Introduction to Chart Patterns Reversal Chart Patterns Continuation Chart Patterns TOS Webinar 1:52PMHunterrBradley:how do you get your charts synced up 1:52PMTimLento:E*TRADE Webinar IB Webinar Level 2 Time of Day Trading Strategies 1 Trading Strategies 2 Entries & Exits Reverse Splits & Low Floats SEC Filings Other Tools

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STXS is a rather perfect multi-month breakout with a first green day and solid uplisting news too and for all of those reasons combined with the fact that it held its morning spike so well all day and closed right at its highs is why I'm long. - Tim Sykes

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I finally posted all of my trades. After I took a 3K loss back in Oct 2018, I kind of went silent on my transparency. This was a hard thing for me to do, but I am glad I did it. It helps putting everything in perspective and I actually can see where I was doing good and I know what mistakes I made right after. Overtrading, too much size, not sticking to patterns that are working for me. Thank you for visiting my page.

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