@InvestorsLive your DVDs helped me so much! thank you for all the information you put together to teach us. The ABCD patter has helped me a lot, now I see everything more clear and it's easier for me to entry a trade.

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@InvestorsLive Yes. Where are your trades and profits. Proof or your just full of bullship. ;)

StocksNTech Sep 01, 17 6:22 AM

Nathan doesn't need to show his trades...just get his Tandem Trader DVD and you will get to know every damn thing.

Zainali Sep 05, 17 8:24 AM

Trugreen who are you to call anyone on there BS. Hes on a panel with all them and is highly regarded in the trading community. Back off nobody has to show u anything.

NickF Apr 06, 18 9:47 PM

It would be good if Nate would show his trades here. I am curious about his success rate over long term.

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नाथन, जब आप करने के लिए वापस आ जाएगी , और पारदर्शिता प्रदान करता है यह ?

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