come follow me on profit.ly to see how all my trades are doing. I just started swing trading again 2 months ago. So I'm getting back into the swing of things.

TheKumar Sep 26, 18 1:14 AM

@dividendraptor hey. Im trying to connect my robin hood account to profitly to upload trades... You able to help me.. I've tried the 10- and without out 10- and it still doesnt work

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donebeingpoor Feb 11, 17 11:36 PM

Nice profits! I use apple quicktime and there is a way to record sound as well without additional plug ins.

skydust11 Apr 30, 17 8:50 AM

I use bandicam. I compared it to the free version of ScreenOmatic. The file sizes by bandi are much smaller. Very inexpensive and you OWN it, that's the key.

skydust11 Apr 30, 17 8:52 AM

When it comes to screen capture, you want small video sizes with no lag and you want ownership of the software. Bandicam was like $35 bucks or something, can't remember.

DanielleBoots Jul 20, 11:44 AM

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