wannabestocktrader Jun 29, 18 12:03 AM

You *have* to watch pre-market and take the action into account, especially volume, but you can't only use pre-market to base your trading decisions on. Each ticker has its own identity, so you need to spend more time watching more stocks longer before just using a strategy trading based on pre-market action. It's good to paper trade your idea, but spend more time testing it out for sure.

mannieb Jun 29, 18 8:05 AM

I love pre market activity... it gives you a sense of how the stock MGHT perform at open and it includes number unero "VOLUME." People are already interested in the stock. Secondly, maybe it is my translation of what you wrote but BEWARE buying above VWAP, it can be very dangerous!!! Remember the phrase "BUY LOW, SELL HIGH." I also like your approach to trading and how you are sticking to only one general set up. It's a great idea.

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Fox_Trader Jun 30, 18 5:18 AM

$NEPT Was a little play I was looking at the other day but decided not to go with it. I was watching it late afternoon on 18th right as it was comming out of its wedge , 3:35 would have been my entry. But would not have held it for more than a day. I'm not any good at a stair step pattern. Yes this is a play , I stay away from tickers that are 1-4 a share . Everyone's diffrent..

Fox_Trader Jun 30, 18 5:35 AM

3.70 is a good entry if your plan was to hold for a day or two.. I'm sure I was still watching it

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BoringOldGuy Jun 19, 18 7:40 AM

Yes, 1) Trade scared again 2) If you see the tide turn against you, get out before you drown. These lessons suck. Good to see you can learn from it. I’ve done the exact same thing. Keep at it. Good luck.

Fox_Trader Aug 29, 18 2:49 PM

Did you check it out the program?

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