Notes to self 22.00 Resistance point tried to crack a few times support at 21 level. News on dilution then Earnings on 11 2 Stock up 590 percent . Guessing will come down 1 month from now.

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$AMRN Very mysterious showing Red then turns to Green volume still 5 million plus. A few days ago volume was fading. Then Dilution news came made it go up above 21s. Earnings hitting 11-2

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mnrivera2017 Oct 06, 10:01 PM

Taking the challenge with you, focus on the same mission. Attend the conference we had to miss this year due to unplanned life events. When we are there shaking hands we will be in green status.

Fox_Trader Oct 09, 6:39 AM

Wish I could have gone work wouldn't let me off .

LHowell Oct 09, 5:32 PM

Thanks for sharing your introspection. Best wishes in working toward your goal for next conference...oh, and maybe stay away from bikes!

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WizeFool Sep 18, 10:22 AM

Hey just wanted to let you know that my wife Stacey Cole has been silenced. She can no longer leave comments, blog posts or even enter trades because of her blog post disclosing that she is following a R.o.s.s. C.a.m.e.r.o.n. It's just plain sad, but she wanted to let you know. It's sad that Tim is so scared of losing business that he bans people for mentioning his competition rather than stepping up and providing a better product. She wishes you all the best.

Fox_Trader Oct 09, 6:22 AM

Uh oh. That's not good sorry to hear that

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