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Sheeker2018 Sep 24, 7:45 PM

Tim I wrote a lengthy comment.Detailing what I understood from this post. But the "Post comment" button would not work.

Dupa Sep 25, 7:35 AM

Thanks Tim

greenking49 Sep 25, 11:41 AM

Thanks Tim, I was able to ride it for 28 cents and My position was actually up 1.3k but IBKR was giving me some stupid notification and by the time I exited out of that notification, the stock already was going down. I was still able to make a little $700. Can’t complain!

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asfricksrs Dec 01, 17 11:45 PM

Thanks Mark, good lesson.

ZiggysMom May 21, 12:45 PM

Recognize the sectors that are hot and the strengths of the stocks in that sector. Also what for the overextended charts, don't jump the gun too early but be prepared for the momentum change.

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[TimAlerts] $AMRN is on pm gainers on marketwatch. Looks to have broken that triple top into a multi year breakout right now will keep on watch

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