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Baum Nov 25, 18 5:56 PM

thanks for sharing bro ik losing sucks but it is necessary and you will become a better trader long term do to them

AshWild May 31, 9:50 AM

Hey man. It's a huge loss but you have the knowledge. You will definitely come back from this no problem man. I am still not consistently profitable and might have to become a slave to the system. So at least you aren't like the 90% who can't trade bro. I know it's a huge loss but now worries bro. You got this. Peace.

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kowalchuk Oct 16, 18 12:47 PM

Hey dude, I found your post really helpful. Could you let me know if you find any other useful information about options trading; I'm interested too.

briguy Oct 17, 18 4:57 PM

Hey man, I have to be honest and say that I’m still very green with options. Right now I just trade them as i would a stock. Buying a morning panic dip buy but also making sure they have enough option interest and volume so it will be easy to get executed. And seeing if the premium is at a descent price is another thing to keep an eye out for. I will try to write blog posts about them on my journey.

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briguy May 11, 18 2:17 AM

Hi, Im a new student as of FEB. Been studying my ass off and trying to trade very minimal until i get through all the content. Still keeping my eye on things and looking for best opportunities. I cannot believe how oblivious I was to trading and how hard it truly is. Looking to get better on the daily and start making small gains.

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