Hey man, i saw your messages on the chat just now looking for a certain type of scanner... If you havent heard of you should check it out... HUGE TOS scripting community. They make all kinds of cool scripts and scanners for people and its all free. Im on it daily to see if they have anything new cause i love checking out and testing indicators. lol. Well hope this helps. Later!

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Rak Oct 24, 20 12:01 AM

You want to focus on the stocks that holds near its highs The stocks that look the cleanest are the ones that are going to work, not the ones that are super ugly Avoid charts that fakes red ever day. Focus on clean charts. Thanks @Jackaroo

Rhin0 Feb 28, 12:28 PM

Thanks for the video. I really enjoy them, very clear and concise.

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TrippinTrades19 Jan 23, 19 8:02 PM

I just read all your posts! Hope you dont stop! I just signed up today and reading your posts makes me even more motivated. How do you like the course so far?

TrackyChan Jan 24, 19 8:03 AM

@TrippinTrades19 I hope I don't stop too haha. Glad you decided to join the community. I'm really enjoying the course webinars are great, I really enjoy Tim Lento's. There's still so much for me to cover so I'm very excited. I wish you all the best.

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