I stopped posting my trades for a while last fall because I was having a bit of a personal crisis. I was trading like shite and needed to back off and get my self together. I got rid of some heavy bags which were a few thousand dollar losses. I decided to wait until I made up the losses to post again so that my profit chart wouldn't be way off since there were too many trades to post to make it all squared up. I believe that it is about right. I did AWESOME in December and I feel that with minor differences, things are copacetic. I feel I have improved much in the last few months and hope everybody out there is growing and improving too!! Happy 2021! Let's take full advantage of this big crazy market while we can!!

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Dirtimoney Jan 19, 6:37 PM

Thanks for the post and mentioning it in the challenge chatroom, been looking for a few additional tips to match up against what I am think for criteria of a buy. Also nice Risk Management sheet, I will deff be using it :D

ATXTrader Jan 19, 6:39 PM

thank you for sharing what's worked for you. Very thorough explanation.

Murphpiece Jan 20, 1:15 AM

This is fantastic. Question, however: have you considered making a video explaining with visuals of these strategies?

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I knew nothing about the stock market when I started with Tim & his team. I had never traded before and I am almost a year in. Until recently I was only able to study part time, about an hour a day & a few on the weekends. Now I am able to study full time. I will be successful at this. There are no other options for me. Studying is key, not squirrel trading. Stocks are not shiny objects. Study a lot & trade a little. Here is a list of books I have read & ones I am working on in addition to: Tim's daily lessons, all the teams weekly webinars, the specialty dvd's, Tim B's daily briefings & morning meet-ups as well as the much appreciated guidance I get from my coach, Joel Sykes. Books I have read: An American Hedge Fund by Timothy Sykes The Complete Penny Stock Course by Jamil Allah Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre Complete Turtle Trader by Michael Covel Trend Following by Micheal Covel Working on: Technical Analysis Using Multiple Time Frames by Brian Shannon The Candle Stick Course by Steve Nison

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ElleDiane Sep 18, 20 3:37 PM

Right on Krista!! Keep up the good work. We'll reach our goals for sure!

Kpow2020 Sep 20, 20 9:52 PM

Thanks for the encouragement! You are so kind... We will definitely get there. :)

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2nd week of june 8-13. Overall an ok week, i'm not particularly happy with how I traded, friday being the worst day despite the profits, I've recognized how much being around the 25k number in my account is affecting my trading, I want to grow as much as I can from there, but I find myself taking bad trades because i'm worried about going back under the PDT. Here on out, really focusing on the backside as I primarily short, Really waiting until the names are weak and really fading vs trying to trade reactively out of the open and being chopped around. It's just not worth starting the day in a whole and the mental exhaustion that it brings. I over traded friday as well. somewhere near 20 trades? lot of scalps and was just trading nervously all day. going to really reset this weekend and come back fresh. Now is the time to step on the gas! posted the proof of all the trades from friday since I didn't directly upload from TZ and didn't post under each individually.

ElleDiane Jun 14, 20 10:59 AM

Keep pushing on Sebastian!! We'll all get better as we work hard! I've actually been making fewer trades and still not doing so hot. I will be taking a bit of time off in the next two weeks. I hope it helps too.

Sebastians Jun 14, 20 8:43 PM

@ElleDiane Hey thanks, I'm not giving up ever! from the looks of your chart you're doing phenomenal! you're doing something right since your turn around in october, maybe take that time off to still keep in touch with what's going on while you review all of your good trades to see what you're doing right, just keep doing that! Stay the course

ElleDiane Jun 16, 20 5:52 PM

Well, don't be fooled, I've got another couple of heavy bags. I know I will get rid of them this week. It's embarassing how "heavy" they are. Oh well, maybe this time it will kick my ass hard enough to stop holding things too long. I am super glad that I've had a lot more wins than losses, now it's just getting the losses smaller. I will have my computer with me, I think it'll be good for me to watch and not act on anything!! Cheers!

Sebastians Jun 18, 20 10:42 PM

I know cutting that stuff is hard, I think I remember talking about those at the conference. I would cut them , they would just hold me back mentally. As most good traders say, knowing what to avoid is more than half the battle. i'm just trying to keep out of trouble now. really need to scale a lot of stuff back. constant refining.

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week of may18-22, didn't trade because family was in town. When I came back I was definitley not in my groove and it showed, friday I traded like sh*t, bad entries on trades that weren't there. gonna reset for the long weekend.

ElleDiane May 22, 20 11:52 AM

@Sebastians. I think this has been one of the toughest weeks of trading because there's so much going on and it's too crazy. It's been extremely hard to stay disciplined and you are not alone. Thanks for the comment. Happy Memorial Day weekend!!

Sebastians Jun 13, 20 10:44 PM

@ElleDiane hey, thank you for that. I hope your trading has been going well!

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ElleDiane Oct 22, 19 8:41 AM

Thanks, Natalie and Jose! I hope all is well with you!

deepakahu Jun 30, 20 7:02 PM

totally understand how it feels when we are stuck in a bad trade.. I am also stuck in one.. and not able to decide to come out or wait for it to rise again..

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DeMattia73 Dec 25, 20 5:42 AM

I am glad Lento shared this in chat yesterday. I needed to hear this right now. I know what I am good at and it is making me money, but I keep feeling like I need to branch out and struggle with other setups. Gotta master what I can and refine my process on what I am already consistently profitable in. Good advice Jack - easy to see why this mindset led you into the 2020 year you have had!

scaredcynical Dec 26, 20 10:56 PM

Less is more! Thanks for the video, great to see what you were going through earlier in your journey and how you adapted!

MOKI Jan 04, 5:37 PM

Thanks Jack, I'm literally going through the same thing right now and staying away from patterns that don't make me money. Kudos!

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