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doesburgh Oct 31, 5:31 AM

Nice one! back to the drawing board for me!

CrazyWillows Oct 31, 8:21 AM

Thanks bro, remember don't be too hard on yourself bro, this is a marathon and not a sprint, realised the only reason I was getting upset with myself was because of playing patterns that are not right and getting FOMO because I have not gotten it and not making money.. I still got so much to learn but just trying to soak up as much as I can every day ;) Good luck today bro...

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MCreator Dec 03, 12:59 PM

Great blog, Mason. Thanks for sharing! Would love videos on more details on catalysts and how you decide which trades you're going to enter.

SeaCruz Dec 05, 10:19 PM

Very inspiring. Thank you.

JackieChan Dec 08, 2:00 AM

Thank you Mason for sharing your thoughts and insights for us! Best wish for your long trading journey! As time goes,we all learn and get better at a time, our wish will come true! Hope to hear from you soon!

GroundUp Dec 11, 1:39 PM

Mason, I'll give you some help look at (NBEV) today at 5.55.

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$214 profit EYES Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative midday long here on their getting featured on the FDA's blog and the stock already spiked to 1.65 on this news and now its coming down and still red on the day so not much risk and possible re-spike tot he 1.60s or 1.70s which is my goal

Exit comments: Taking small gains here as the stock can't go green on the day despite the solid news article and the overall market is dropping more now so I'll just play it safe, potential re-buy only if it can close strong and green on the day

CrazyWillows Feb 27, 2:49 PM

Was AKER a breakout pattern?? I was watching it climb after drawing some lines.. Still learning so not trading..

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