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Jakestocks52 Feb 20, 8:53 PM

@Jackaroo man thats dope as fuck, i need more(any at all) friends to trade with and talk to in everyday life, Y'all looking for another trader/roommate? jk but i really do think that is awesome and i'm glad y'all are having the success that yall are having. and thank you for being as transparent as yall are. yall are great too learn from and get inspired from!!!

T_Hunt Feb 21, 1:02 AM

thanks for the awesome video! You simplified a strategy for me to focus on now, keep up the great work brotha!

CBlumenthal Feb 21, 8:31 AM

duuuude, thank you, its nice to see a different play. I like you need to find something to work for me and bring confidence

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dave1388 Jan 10, 8:50 AM

thank you! definitely have to make a video on finding warrants please :-)

GreyKnight Jan 10, 11:07 PM

@Greenspan see and search for Titan Medical, check their Aug 7 filing (TSX: TDM). 7,679,574 units sold at $2.50 each with one share and one warrant to convert at $3.20 on Aug 10th... hence why stock crapped out at this time. Well researched @Huddie! You are a legend!

canudropit2 Jan 21, 7:52 AM

Great to hear your thoughts on your watchlist plays...very thorough

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doesburgh Oct 31, 18 5:31 AM

Nice one! back to the drawing board for me!

CrazyWillows Oct 31, 18 8:21 AM

Thanks bro, remember don't be too hard on yourself bro, this is a marathon and not a sprint, realised the only reason I was getting upset with myself was because of playing patterns that are not right and getting FOMO because I have not gotten it and not making money.. I still got so much to learn but just trying to soak up as much as I can every day ;) Good luck today bro...

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GroundUp Feb 10, 7:12 PM

Wheres the profits????

kleehud Feb 15, 2:29 PM

Mason, you put much into this and I really enjoyed it. Thank you. Would like to see more posts. Would like to see you go deeper into the criteria you are looking for in your trades. Thank you for sharing this info.

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