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asfricksrs Jan 19, 11:11 PM

Thank you for your reflections on this journey. I have heard wonderful things about Mr. Sykes helping this community. The phrase that helps me is "plan your trade - trade with the plan." Thank you again.

Windwalzer Jan 20, 9:57 PM

This is great, making a trading plan still eludes me. I know what they are for I just don't have the knowledge or understanding yet on, if I find a ticker tonight and decide what the support and resistance levels are, look at different chart times 6 mos, 1 yr, 5 yr, 10 yr. Know it has a history of spiking, charts not too choppy, then what? Thank you for sharing.

Recondo Feb 04, 10:38 AM

Great review of your trade. Nice work!

Windwalzer Mar 13, 10:15 PM

Reading this a second time with more education trading is making more sense. I'm getting the chart understanding, much better at a watchlist and what to look for in a stock, I think about a plan but I seem to do better one piece at a time. I will get it, an entry dip buy, 2pm vwap, end of day for o/n, I understand now,(not 100%) I get having a % you'd like to make r/r, Just have to start putting it all together. Keep up the good work.

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rubenfavela May 30, 6:36 PM

Thanks, stick to your process, avoid copy cat others people process

Peachtart Jun 06, 5:59 AM

Thanks Jack. Ignore what others are doing, and do what is right for you. Why didn't I think of that !! Simple is best.

Wizetrader1 Jun 24, 11:50 PM

Great job Jack going over $500,000 love your info you share

night_knight Jun 27, 9:02 AM

watching this in 2020. can't believe you got to half a million just trading OTCs. And OTCs are just so predictable, especially the vwap hold right up til mid day. That's a good pattern to look out for. Takes a lot of patience and mental strength to just stick to plans though. Shall learn.

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save369 Apr 18, 12:37 AM

Reading that was awsome! thank you!

RoyalTradez24 May 07, 5:02 PM

Andrew this is GOLD i appreciate you taking time out to share this! Keep killing it brother!

md2263 May 15, 11:45 AM

Andrew- thanks for your karmas! Yes, position size is key. It's all about risk. If you're risk averse, trade modest amounts. Once your trading execution skills are good, then you can ramp up the amounts you bet. It isn't a sure thing so you have to 'self-insure'. Very important. Baby steps, baby percentages and baby sums, at least for me!

Andras2K Jul 05, 7:57 AM

Good read! Thanks for the tips and reinforcements!

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kylecw2 Aug 19, 19 2:04 PM

@garbagemancjc I use StocksToTrade to scan for pumps but people also talk about them in the chatrooms as well. Theres usually only 1 pump a month so you wont find them very frequiently

shoeusn Aug 19, 19 4:49 PM

Did you just re-up your challange as you are in that downswing?

kylecw2 Aug 19, 19 9:46 PM

@robertfire if you are apart of silver then by joining the challenge you would gain access to all majority of the DVDs and access to all new and previously recorded webinars. The DVDs you can buy at your own pace if you didnt want to join the challenge but the best part imo is the webinars, especially the old ones done by Tim Grittani. Is the challenge necessary? No but theres no doubt it sped up my learning curve.

kylecw2 Aug 19, 19 9:49 PM

@shoeusn yes I renewed my challenge subsciption just after I had my second profitable month

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