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kleehud Sep 11, 9:02 AM

Thorough. Excellent post!

Tman19 Sep 24, 5:13 PM

been there/still there profit chart is just since joining through the big losses before and it can affect your life massively. you always want it to turn around in a day or two, esp when your down a lot but thats never how it is. its a much longer journey to the end of the tunnel than everyone expects, just gotta understand that and love it enough. good post

Coffeebreak Sep 25, 10:17 PM

Im so right there with you. Disicpline to focus on those steps that you have defined here and others keep on telling us is key. Im no angel myself. Awesome post!

seamus Sep 27, 5:48 AM

loved this, really well written, you're going to go a long way! it sucks it's taken me 9 months to realize a lot of this but that means i'm getting somewhere right!

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ppx Aug 29, 3:58 PM

Awesome video, thanks for sharing! Great lessons of what to do and what to avoid!

MichaelPuett Sep 15, 2:25 PM

Appreciate you showing the SEC filings and what youre looking for. Really great commentary on your entire thought process. #Blessed

Leftwichdonald Sep 23, 6:37 PM

@Huddie I was interested in your help if you can help me understand how to work this that would be awesome I tried to reach out to customer service but they're not responsive and also it seems as if you're doing a fantastic job on this as well my name is Donald and I hope to hear from you soon. Have a bless one

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kylecw2 Aug 19, 2:04 PM

@garbagemancjc I use StocksToTrade to scan for pumps but people also talk about them in the chatrooms as well. Theres usually only 1 pump a month so you wont find them very frequiently

shoeusn Aug 19, 4:49 PM

Did you just re-up your challange as you are in that downswing?

kylecw2 Aug 19, 9:46 PM

@robertfire if you are apart of silver then by joining the challenge you would gain access to all majority of the DVDs and access to all new and previously recorded webinars. The DVDs you can buy at your own pace if you didnt want to join the challenge but the best part imo is the webinars, especially the old ones done by Tim Grittani. Is the challenge necessary? No but theres no doubt it sped up my learning curve.

kylecw2 Aug 19, 9:49 PM

@shoeusn yes I renewed my challenge subsciption just after I had my second profitable month

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Ktali Jul 11, 10:05 PM

Wayne, I'm happy you shared how much you have in your Trade Zero Account! I was going to start with the same in my E Trade account to really practice discipline and paper trading has helped me see how much I'll need to focus on which stocks work for me and where to enter/exit. Thanks for sharing!

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