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RoyalTradez24 May 07, 5:02 PM

Andrew this is GOLD i appreciate you taking time out to share this! Keep killing it brother!

md2263 May 15, 11:45 AM

Andrew- thanks for your karmas! Yes, position size is key. It's all about risk. If you're risk averse, trade modest amounts. Once your trading execution skills are good, then you can ramp up the amounts you bet. It isn't a sure thing so you have to 'self-insure'. Very important. Baby steps, baby percentages and baby sums, at least for me!

Andras2K Jul 05, 7:57 AM

Good read! Thanks for the tips and reinforcements!

Itspayday Jul 12, 11:54 AM

thank you Androoo, man! I appreciate your thought on this, you're right on touching the topic of SIZING, I have same struggles. thank you for the RULES TO FOLLOW I like them I'll implement this asap.

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juleeatina Feb 25, 18 11:40 PM

@RoyalTradez24 Now that I am reading more about stocks to trade, I see that they offer paper trading to practice. I want to do that first before the real thing. I am hesitant on the monthly fee (large amount for me), but it seems like it would be worth it in the long run

kobayashimaru Feb 26, 18 12:43 AM

Good luck to you on your new adventure. It's exciting and cruel at the same time.

mickd Feb 26, 18 2:15 AM

I know Suretrader and thinkorswim have free trial to papertrade. It doesn't come close to the real thing though, but it's a start. DAS has papertrading but I think the monthly fee is $100 which is insane to papertrade. Good luck!

mickd Feb 26, 18 2:16 AM

Thinkorswim platform makes me cringe inside and hate things though.

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