kobayashimaru Jun 19, 2:16 AM

Hey Chance I know exactly what you mean, I have also asked myself if someone can predict where and when price is going to be then why are they not a Guru teaching others. It's really bad on StockTwits but then I figured out that they were most likely pumpers trying to entice newbies to get into a trade that they will dump at a point.

JeepTrader Jun 19, 7:44 AM

Agreed. I’ve turned off the chat when trading. There is a lot of fluff in there sometimes and I have actually been sucked into a trade I should not have been in. When we stick to the mentor training, we will do great things. When I have the opportunity to get into the MMP, I will be all over it. Study on!

Chance_Stearns Jun 19, 11:28 AM

I don't even follow it anymore. I stopped doing that after my first couple weeks but just seeing it drives me so crazy! Lol. I just can't stand it anymore. I wish there were people that would just shut up and listen. I don't mind an "I could see it doing this today" but just the certainty of some people just shows how stupid they are. I'm so bad at this but I just can't wrap my mind around myself even saying something like that with such certainty hahaha.

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