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JKelly May 11, 11:17 PM

I think the one thing you are missing here is these are all very different patterns. You should take a step back and look at the setups and focus on one or two setups. What are the patterns you play and have you developed a trade plan for those setups? I recently went on a big trading spree of random patterns and took very random trades and didn't not get great results. Since I refocused, I only focus on specific patterns and only trade them when they match my trade plan perfectly.

waddell May 12, 12:33 AM

@JKelly has a good point as well. I have found it easier to focus on 2 patterns (premarket breakouts and overnight holds) for better returns. Dux mentions that these are his most successful patterns. I find buying something ending near the HOD in the last power hour to be a good overnight hold as long as there is no overhead resistance.

kobayashimaru May 12, 1:41 AM

It is very frustrating to miss a good setup by just a penny or two, I would rather missing by a mile or not be right at all. But I take pride in the fact that my setup was correct and I was at least in the playing field.

Mrs_Wizefool May 12, 11:38 AM

@waddell I actually am still in the process of determining a pattern or two that work best for me. So, I'm still trying out patterns and collecting data on my abilities. Believe me, that's something I want to do.

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Angel_ May 15, 9:32 PM

The majority of my total dollar loss so far has come from a handful of trades -- one from being stuck in an offering, like you mentioned, after not cutting losses quickly. I even got a second chance to take a much smaller loss, and decided to hold o/n to avoid a "wasted" day trade. Very costly mistake. Thank you for sharing your story with us!

nedirame May 18, 7:57 AM

Thanks for all the great information. Would you consider posting a watchlist once in a while as you have before? Just so we can all compare to yours. Of course not always but I would really appreciate even one watchlist

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