OrcinusO just became a fully transparent trader today!

OrcinusO May 01, 19 4:21 PM

Watched the market on STT. Trade Checklist Lesson 3-10.

OrcinusO May 02, 19 3:09 PM

I went over again through the VIP Trade Checklist Lessons 8-11. Stuck on Lesson 12 due to internet problems. STT watch was frozen as well. Went back to Jamil"s and Lex van Dam's book.

OrcinusO May 04, 19 6:54 AM

VIP Trade Checklist 12-14, VIP Trade Checklist Part Deux, Tims Conference in Moscow part 1-2, StocksToTrade Training Introduction

OrcinusO May 06, 19 3:52 AM

Yesterday, I was seeing the old lessons from Mark Croock. Unfortunately nothing big because my WiFi was dead, but I got the TWO books from Jessie Livermore "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator". They will be this week.

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