OrcinusO just became a fully transparent trader today!

OrcinusO May 01, 19 4:21 PM

Watched the market on STT. Trade Checklist Lesson 3-10.

OrcinusO May 02, 19 3:09 PM

I went over again through the VIP Trade Checklist Lessons 8-11. Stuck on Lesson 12 due to internet problems. STT watch was frozen as well. Went back to Jamil"s and Lex van Dam's book.

OrcinusO May 04, 19 6:54 AM

VIP Trade Checklist 12-14, VIP Trade Checklist Part Deux, Tims Conference in Moscow part 1-2, StocksToTrade Training Introduction

OrcinusO May 06, 19 3:52 AM

Yesterday, I was seeing the old lessons from Mark Croock. Unfortunately nothing big because my WiFi was dead, but I got the TWO books from Jessie Livermore "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator". They will be this week.

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JLuhmann Mar 24, 1:56 PM

I remember seeing you in the chat back in '17 or '18. Now I'm bingeing your youtube videos after hopping back into the game. Taking notes, keep the videos comin!

aaronmizell Jun 30, 12:38 PM

Study to Be Prepared!! Trust The Process!! Look For Clean Action! Thanks Jack

DDT Sep 05, 11:34 AM

Thanks Jack.

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