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HumbledTrader Dec 31, 18 8:02 PM

yeah working out definitely helps with keeping discipline :). funny watch haha

EthanHancock Jan 01, 3:33 PM

If I eat this cookie will I buy this illiquid stock? Hahaha

redwagonrider Mar 16, 3:29 PM

2 Krispy Kreems, and 1/2 hr yoga when the market slows into mid day trading

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kjc9trader Aug 27, 18 12:00 PM

Hi Tim B, Please tell me why you run this same advertisement video every day - but attach a new headline - making it llook like it's a new watchlist or commentary? When I click the secondary headline - says "Requested Resource Not Found".... I am confused.... How do I get to your commentary??? Watched your webinar last night (8/26/18), and I have been waiting for my follow up email with the guides, watchlist sheet, etc.... and this advertisement vid is all I received - again... Help! Thank you!

P70KCJ Aug 27, 18 12:01 PM

watched the webinar as a replay this morning Tim. Im a challenge student and will be looking to add Stocks To Trade very soon. Excellent webinar, and so helpful. Only 4 weeks for me, but things are clicking. Thanks again. Ps I also haven't received any email.

mommaD Aug 29, 18 6:55 PM

I enjoyed the webinar and haven't received an email either.

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