@rdclark72 just became a fully transparent trader today!

rdclark72 May 02, 18 1:25 PM

in overnight on FCRE at $126. didnt do as I expected so out @$1.09 13% loss. in 100 shares on IMTE @ 5.40 out @ 6.10 for a 10% gain: back in IMTE with 20 shares @ 6.70 and another 20 @ 9.31. 20 out @ 9.70 and another 20 @ 10. for a 31% gain and a 7% gain. overall 35% gain for the day

rdclark72 May 04, 18 12:47 PM

i finally made a successful overnight trade with HEAR. Woe is me for buy CREG thinking it was going into a morning spike. I actually bought it 3 minutes before market open. Then of course I held too long. 20% loss to my trading account. Grrrr...

rdclark72 May 07, 18 3:05 PM

i studied all weekend. Lost 10% today. Taking a day away. I think I have an information overload

rdclark72 Dec 29, 18 9:34 AM

getting frustrated because i cant afford to be a challenge student but more determined than ever to be a successful trader. Surprised that Superman and Tim Bohen both have personally responded to my inquiries. Builds my confidence in this system and the gentlemen in charge. I'm reading Pennystocking again and can't wait to go back working nights again. This year I WILL start to "get this" and grow my pitiful $1k (now $580.25) account.

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