@ConnorAlerts Just watched your "School Trader", Your video says Investor Hub Level 2 is $19.99. Are you still paying that amount for the service ? They wanted $51.31 when I searched price from smartphone, and $44.59 when searched from desktop.

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@ConnorAlerts hey just wanted to put this out here, never trade OTC, but came across this gem in the rough with multiple news reports coming back to this. I think this thing pushes to .10 and then a dollar by June or July. Had a $450 million deal that started this boom. Should take a look.

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$270 profit OCLR Long Stock

Entry comments: Long here with 1,000 shares, swing setup for this week. Goal is to swing this into the $9s... Nice risk vs reward setup here

Exit comments: out here as this is not looking strong in the $8.70s after this mornings gap up. May see this consolidate a bit longer before making a move.

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@ConnorAlerts Could you give advice even though I haven't paid for a membership yet? I just opened my first account today with just $500. I am 20 years old. I have always wanted to trade stocks since Ive been young but was either broke or scared. I just wanted to know if I should be using ETrade for penny stocks. I noticed something in their rules about no short selling. I am going to continue watchin many more of your videos before my first trade and will subscribe to a membership here once my transfer in complete and Im ready to trade. Please just answer that one question. Thanks in advance Connor!

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