@ConnorAlerts hey just wanted to put this out here, never trade OTC, but came across this gem in the rough with multiple news reports coming back to this. I think this thing pushes to .10 and then a dollar by June or July. Had a $450 million deal that started this boom. Should take a look.

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$270 profit OCLR Long Stock

Entry comments: Long here with 1,000 shares, swing setup for this week. Goal is to swing this into the $9s... Nice risk vs reward setup here

Exit comments: out here as this is not looking strong in the $8.70s after this mornings gap up. May see this consolidate a bit longer before making a move.

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@ConnorAlerts Could you give advice even though I haven't paid for a membership yet? I just opened my first account today with just $500. I am 20 years old. I have always wanted to trade stocks since Ive been young but was either broke or scared. I just wanted to know if I should be using ETrade for penny stocks. I noticed something in their rules about no short selling. I am going to continue watchin many more of your videos before my first trade and will subscribe to a membership here once my transfer in complete and Im ready to trade. Please just answer that one question. Thanks in advance Connor!

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someone in facebook contacted me,named conner brugmann,wants me to send money over to trade it.but my bank says its scam. IS THAT YOU CONNER.friendly chatting with me!!please tell me HERE if you know me or if that FB profile is FAKE.

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