-$300 Loss
NMLong Stock

Entry comments: long here with a SMALL starter going into the weekend as I'm dip buying this right around the 1.10-1.15 support level, goal here is to begin a bounce towards 1.25-1.30 , likely a swing here but will be looking to add into a confirmed bottom on Monday, video lesson coming after the close

Exit comments: out here as this 1.10 level is failing to hold as support and was a key level outlined in my video lesson last night here : http://profit.ly/content/premium/14427 still keeping this chart on close watch as this 1.05-1.10 level is nice support just may need a little more time to consolidate before beginning a bounce here. Thats why I take SMALL starters to reduce risk on bounce plays

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  • Position Size6,000
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