Total Profits:

Entry comments: Long here with 1,000 shares, swing setup for this week. Goal is to swing this into the $9s... Nice risk vs reward setup here

Exit comments: out here as this is not looking strong in the $8.70s after this mornings gap up. May see this consolidate a bit longer before making a move.


Entry comments: Long here w/ a starter after this chart was able to hold the 2.60s as support. Nice daily setup here, goal is to swing this towards the $3s this week. Video lesson coming this evening going over this play

Exit comments: nice morning move here , locking in over $1000 in profits. Nice overall daily here I'll keep on watch but happy with this move.

-$576 Loss
SGYLong Stock

Entry comments: nice consolidation day after pulling back from highs in the mid $20s, like the mid 12s-13 holding up as support here going into next week. Goal is to break above $14 , risking .20 ish here.... Nice swing setup into next week, will outline in video lesson this weekend

Exit comments: out here as this is gapping down with oil and retesting this support in the mid $12s. Part of the risk of this trade and why I sized accordingly , will likely be looking to rebuy this as it bottoms out. Still expecting a nice spike here this week. Running on mobile will update with video lesson this afternoon

-$30 Loss
DNRLong Stock

Entry comments: long here w/ a starter , nice consolidation the past few days looking to swing this into next week. Risk here around 3.15 goal is to move into the mid $3s... Will outline this play in a video lesson this weekend

Exit comments: no move this morning, continuing its consolidation from last week. Was unable to break 3.30 out of the gate so will likely see this consolidate a bit more before moving.. Will be watching for possible re buy as I'm still expecting a move into the mid $3s this week

$200 Profit
NQLong Stock

Entry comments: Taking advantage of this dip to the $3.80 support which held nicely so far. Goal here is to hold above $3.75 , ideally consolidate the $3.80s-$3.90s... Swing setup for next week. Playing this for a move towards the $4.20s. Would like to add another 2k shares or so next week

Exit comments: Out here as this failed to break towards $4, still nice consolidation and definitely a potential rebuy. Had a tough time moving in the $3.90s and expected much better action here with markets up big. Will be watching dips/consolidation this week

-$225 Loss
BCEILong Stock

Entry comments: grabbing a small starter here into next week, i like this chart support around 3.00 - 3.05 , end of day selling not ideal so I rather add size into confirmation Monday , if not i'll be out for small loss. Risking .10 max here , goal is to setup a swing into the mid 3s

Exit comments: out here as the $3.00 is failing to hold as support. Bad open here w/ oil red which is why i sized small... Not much interest here for me anymore as this will likely fall towards the 50 DMA , gotta stick to plan and take tiny losses like this... Better to focus on nicer chart setups

-$300 Loss
NMLong Stock

Entry comments: long here with a SMALL starter going into the weekend as I'm dip buying this right around the 1.10-1.15 support level, goal here is to begin a bounce towards 1.25-1.30 , likely a swing here but will be looking to add into a confirmed bottom on Monday, video lesson coming after the close

Exit comments: out here as this 1.10 level is failing to hold as support and was a key level outlined in my video lesson last night here : http://profit.ly/content/premium/14427 still keeping this chart on close watch as this 1.05-1.10 level is nice support just may need a little more time to consolidate before beginning a bounce here. Thats why I take SMALL starters to reduce risk on bounce plays

-$140 Loss
MNKDLong Stock

Entry comments: long here w/ a starter as 1.54/1.55 support is holding nicely here , only a starter for now as there isn't enough confirmation yet of this bottom, will look to add into a bounce on Monday. Risking a few cents here on my starter goal will be to bounce back towards 1.70+ on Monday .. will outline in depth in video lesson this weekend

Exit comments: out here with a few cent loss, unable to begin a bounce this morning off of support zzz flat open today, not enough volume to get any movement here Negative seeking alpha article out as well here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3962644-mannkind-will-continue-slide-toward-bankruptcy-filing all apart of overnight risk so that's why I just took a starter to reduce downside.

-$140 Loss
AMDLong Stock

Entry comments: long here on a topside break will be swinging this overnight, goal here is for this to squeeze into the $2.30s very coiled chart expecting a nice move next week

Exit comments: out here as this broke topside like I wanted to see but overall markets opening red and seeing a lot of plays rolling this Monday morning... gave it over 20 mins to hold up , gotta cut losses when things don't go your way, no reason to "hope" for a move. I outlined what I wanted here http://profit.ly/content/premium/13791 didn't go as planned so i'm out


Entry comments: long here w/ 35k shares as my starter looking for this to move towards .27s , may look to swing this as well. Will look to add after this gets through midday action

Exit comments: big intraday seller bringing this down, failed the breakout I wanted to see w/ my small position sizing , can't hold up so im out, on to the next one

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