-$140 Loss
MNKDLong Stock

Entry comments: long here w/ a starter as 1.54/1.55 support is holding nicely here , only a starter for now as there isn't enough confirmation yet of this bottom, will look to add into a bounce on Monday. Risking a few cents here on my starter goal will be to bounce back towards 1.70+ on Monday .. will outline in depth in video lesson this weekend

Exit comments: out here with a few cent loss, unable to begin a bounce this morning off of support zzz flat open today, not enough volume to get any movement here Negative seeking alpha article out as well here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3962644-mannkind-will-continue-slide-toward-bankruptcy-filing all apart of overnight risk so that's why I just took a starter to reduce downside.

  • Total Views1,878
  • Position Size7,000
  • Percentage-1.27%
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