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RPhTrader Mar 31, 5:26 PM

Tim, thank you for posting in chat

nickswr27 Apr 05, 4:12 AM

Thanks for posting in chat TIM!

Windwalzer Apr 11, 5:36 PM

Thank you Tim Lento. I enjoy learning these patterns, noticing they are over several months to years on some. It's good to have a broader spectrum of what stocks can look like and have a basic idea what to look for and possibly expect.

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Pretty crazy how fast the trend turns, $MNKD and $HMNY can't seem to be able to have a green day anymore and just a few weeks ago, they were unstoppable on the way up

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Capt_Ry Jan 25, 18 10:53 PM

will history repeat itself?

Capt_Ry Jan 26, 18 4:38 PM

It did and im down. Holding till it jumps back up haha.

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