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LeviBlank Nov 18, 18 10:59 AM

I love Number 5 on this list. Great post man, thanks a ton for sharing your insights. I'm enjoying Roland's DVD as well, I just wish the chapters uploaded faster hahaha. Have a great rest of your Sunday!

AlfonsoGarcia Nov 18, 18 11:48 AM

Thanks man! Yeah, Roland's dvd is very promising. Can't wait to get the rest of it! So far it is all very basic, but I loved how he spoke in the Orlando conference and hearing him at a meet & greet party afterwards convinced me to get his course. Enjoy your sunday too!

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Tetyanas777 Nov 10, 18 6:37 PM

I like your goals for next week

Tetyanas777 Nov 10, 18 6:39 PM

I was ovetrading also, no more , I made a goal to make 3-4 trade a week and I did it for a month. And what a freedome!!

LeviBlank Nov 11, 18 12:43 PM

Great blog post buddy. You have an awesome winning percentage. Keep studying, keep working hard, and keep up the blog posts, i loved this one!

AlfonsoGarcia Nov 11, 18 1:02 PM

Thanks for the encouragement guys! I really do find blogging every week helps me better assess where I'm at. Cheers and happy sunday!

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JorgeZ19 Oct 31, 18 10:40 PM

Good Stuff Man! Tracking trades really does help a lot. I've been doing that as well the last couple months and have seen my statisticss increase, even though I'm trading with much smaller size. It looks like you've improved a lot! Keep it up

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DominicanWolf Apr 14, 19 11:50 AM

Awesome post! It is inspiring me to keep learning the market and pursue my dream of being a full time trader! Thank you Mason

MikeyMoe May 19, 19 7:43 AM

Lots of good nuggs of wisdom here. I'm almost 2 months into the challenge now and glad to come across a post like this. It's refreshing to see some long bias, everywhere I turn it seems that people want to drop the hammer on stocks-ha! I can see where you are coming from with understanding the mindset of a short seller to help with long setups--Spikeability and Short Stocking have given me some perspective on this, as well as SEC filings and the book the art of short selling by kathryn staley se

wildwes Sep 09, 19 7:51 PM

awesome post @mason_fecht! I've been focusing lately on avoiding getting shaken out of my trades and am having much more success!

Drogomirdrogon Sep 09, 19 11:46 PM

wow man, very inspiring! thanks for taking the time to share this with us. i've been a trading challenge student for a under a year now but i've only been trading for about 4 months. When i get discouraged its post like this that perk me back up and keep me focused. Thanks.

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