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asfricksrs Apr 04, 9:18 PM

nice job, thanks Joe for your continued posts...

stonertrader777 Apr 05, 1:48 AM

Hang in there bro. I have been having the same issue with my trades where I have been nailing the entry, but have been botching up the exits as well. My issue has been due to micromanaging the trades out of to much focus on the money instead of trusting the trade to really play out. It is our psychology that we have to work on to get past this.

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TimeFliesBuy Mar 19, 12:03 AM

I look forward to you letting us know how the TV works out, I can't decide what I want to do next but being able to see more charts would be nice!

MichaelStuijts Mar 20, 1:10 PM

Great post. Learned from this John thank you. And nice screen you have there!

OceanRider Mar 24, 9:43 AM

Nice post. Keep up the good work. Was watching HTMM DVD and came across PolisB who Tim references in this DVD who at the time thought would be his next millionaire student. It appears this guy went up quickly to 200k then dropped to 100k. Something I will def learn from is that everyone is suseptible to losing no matter where they are. Wishing you a good wk going fwd.

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TYMTT May 20, 17 11:53 AM

Bag holders can't hold them down as easy if there are fewer bag holders. Resistance levels are weakers support levels are weaker than other stocks.

Davy_Garcia May 20, 17 4:10 PM

I’m a Kindergartener here, I love the feed back … In a nut shell, this how I ‘m putting it together. A low float and high volume excite the price of the stock, leading to a transformation. Movement, excitement, winners, and losers. My next step is to set parameters that I can look for.

Davy_Garcia May 20, 17 4:14 PM

Example: I scam most active , Price 2 to 11, volume over 1 Million . But i still don't underatnd where I want to be on float

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Lgrm321 May 20, 17 12:38 AM

I meant $4,166.06

stonertrader777 May 20, 17 2:12 AM

@Lgrm321 hahaha. It is not easy Luis, but when you really want something, and you are thinking about the longer term, this is just a minor setback. I will get all of that money back plus more in due time. However like I stated, I cannot focus on the money, I have to just focus on the process and make sure that I am following my plan.

Khermus May 20, 17 9:35 AM

I totally understand what you're saying! I'm finally starting to stay humbled, even after a big win. Your ego gets such a boost after a good trade, that you think you can handle the world. Have to take it one trade at a time. Just stay in the game and you will succeed!!!

stonertrader777 May 20, 17 3:36 PM

@Khermus Exactly right bro! LOL! Checking that ego is so important! Thanks man, with hard and dedication, we will definitely make it!!!

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1derJai May 17, 17 2:06 AM

Hi George, your post caught my attention! When you mentioned, "focused on what the right play in the moment" It sounded pretty familiar with my beliefs. When you mentioned reading "The Power of Now", it's even more exciting as I've read it myself. Incredible book! Glad things are turning for you. I'm getting there myself, I hope!

stonertrader777 May 17, 17 2:11 AM

Hey @1derWoman. Thank you so much! Yes that book has definitely been changing my outlook on a lot in life. I appreciate your comments and hope you get to where you need to be. It is definitely a journey!

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Jonk87 Feb 24, 17 1:46 AM

@Thebadguy I actually haven't seen Wold Millionaire program but I want to - I work in advertising full-time so I wanted to try and apply what I do for brands on my self to see if it works, and it does :-) Mostly though, just being yourself and hones are they key things.

Thebadguy Feb 24, 17 12:37 PM

You've got a good thing going!

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Ike Oct 02, 15 4:37 PM

Thanks for the comments guys and hey @Bam287 glad u liked it buddy!

blackpanther Oct 02, 15 4:42 PM

As always amazing post, keep it up :)

stonertrader777 Oct 02, 15 5:46 PM

I love your attitude bro, that is what is going to make you great. I have studied your trades and thought process, and it has been making me a better option trader. I am losing a lot less now, lol.

Windom Oct 05, 15 4:35 PM

thank you ike!!yeah had to think about locking in profits more too.

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