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aidan222sharpe Jan 18, 18 5:34 PM

GNC was a good buy on the breakout over 4.25 imo or on the dip to 4.50/4.70 any price over 4.70 was to high for me. but still GNC gave some good opps

Molonelabe Jan 18, 18 6:09 PM

I would recommend only trading one or two trade set ups, one that works well is the ABCD pattern it took me about 7 months to learn to control my trading an emotions. It look like you are doing the same thing that I have done in the past focus only on one or two trade setups and don't buy anything else until you really get them first.

JMDev Jan 19, 18 4:15 AM

Thanks guys

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SAndrews Jan 16, 18 9:27 AM

Nice trade pretty flat markets currently :)

JMDev Jan 16, 18 9:38 AM

If I wasn't such a sissy I would have got a piece of SPI on the short side this morning. But like Tim said it's hard right now.

SAndrews Jan 16, 18 9:46 AM

@TYMTT very well said shorts are very brave in this current market

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caneter1 Jun 18, 17 4:35 PM

Brother, try to not blaspheme the Lord Jesus. Ok god bless you.

Jonk87 Jun 23, 17 2:27 AM

@caneter1 Sorry man I won't do this again. My intention was not to offend anyone.

marketingkev Jun 23, 17 3:49 AM

agreed with caneter and deanovino. Keep it to trading, Jonk. But perhaps that mentality of not thinking before you act is just one factor that has you in the hole almost 4k? Just sayin'. I digress.

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JMDev Jun 10, 17 3:36 PM

also you could solve your cash account issues it sounds like if you just used say 75 percent of your account for the week and divi that up for how ever many trades you wanted to make

JMDev Jun 10, 17 3:37 PM

So effectively this means no more missed opportunities because of PDT BS and since we don't use margin anyways who cares

JMDev Jun 10, 17 3:38 PM

The only other option is paying like 30 bucks a commision at a offshore brokerage

Thadewman112 Jun 10, 17 3:40 PM

@TYMTT you're awesome. I'm going to use margin this coming week food momentum trades I quick profits but I definitely plan to transition into cash account in the future

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