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caneter1 Jun 18, 17 4:35 PM

Brother, try to not blaspheme the Lord Jesus. Ok god bless you.

Jonk87 Jun 23, 17 2:27 AM

@caneter1 Sorry man I won't do this again. My intention was not to offend anyone.

marketingkev Jun 23, 17 3:49 AM

agreed with caneter and deanovino. Keep it to trading, Jonk. But perhaps that mentality of not thinking before you act is just one factor that has you in the hole almost 4k? Just sayin'. I digress.

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Torkers Jun 16, 17 8:57 PM

You are one Happy fellow - love your videos!;)

Fne Jun 16, 17 10:22 PM

Happiness is. .. Marineland..... But then you can't get no satisfaction... Keep grinding.. Don't do drugs, Mmmmkay..... I seriously find it funny you played the Stones .. I wrote that comment at the 3 minute mark .. Great minds think alike I guess

Chopper_Trader Jun 17, 17 12:22 AM

LMBO Dude you fucking whacked- I Love It.

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Turbobob Jun 12, 17 8:58 AM

They show up on the scanners as biggest % gainers and stocks trading at new highs. The stocks doing that quite often have a common theme. ie. most are from a sector, like pot stocks or semi conuctors or tech or biotech.

alealvarez Jun 12, 17 9:20 AM

That makes sense. Thanks Bob!

friesian Jun 12, 17 10:33 AM

WOW ... I guess today is not a good day. no matches at all ... not only for these stocks ... :|

friesian Jun 13, 17 4:19 AM

:) ... WOW again. LXRX met exactly your strategy. I was just not patient enough and had trouble with STT. I always thought most of the moves happen within the first hour of the day. Here it is just in the middle of the day and I am @ work. gotta find a way to be more flexible, not sitting in front of the computer.

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@Turbobob Hi Turbobob , just looking over your profit chart , its like you have gone into another gear from around the 70 k mark around Dec 2016 Jan 2017 , what have you done differently from that point to now please ?

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Turbobob May 23, 17 12:11 AM

Dean: It is one of my main tools for trading. If you want to sign up please use this affiliate form:

gofast May 23, 17 1:50 AM

Thanks again Bob, good news as I am long o/n on $SORL hoping for a further run up tomorrow! Always appreciate your watch lists and posted videos and trades. Good luck tomorrow!

GT500 May 23, 17 4:53 AM

Bob, do you think CAMT can run to your PT in 1 day, or do you usually swing this slower movers? Thank you.

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Just got a review from Tim about my book. Check it out It's amazing that so many people start daytrading with his tools. My life, my family's life and many others' lives have changed for the better with everything he shares. Always thankful.

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HeyJude May 20, 17 1:13 PM

Congratulations !! How exciting!

DEANOVINO Jun 19, 17 4:26 AM

Hi Jane just enjoyed lisning to your u tube interview 24 th June 2016 , very inspiring , I am new to Stocks , what broker would you recommend to paper trade , ? regards Deanovino

HeyJude Jun 21, 17 1:27 PM

I think Interactive Broker's does paper trading. I just watched Jane's Youtube video too. Awesome!

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Turbobob May 18, 17 8:55 AM

I am not an expert at Elliot wave theory so my counting may not be true to the theory. It is best to read up on it on your own. But generally way 5 is the big wave.

WolfOfProfitLy May 18, 17 11:17 AM

Hello Mr. Knight, what trading strategy would you recommend to grow a small account 20-50% a trade, I currently can't short sell because I don't have enough money to make a margin account, and I can't afford Tim's subscriptions yet. Any help will be appreciated, thank you.

alealvarez May 18, 17 2:21 PM

Hi @WolfOfProfitLy , Bob is the expert here, but from my experience I've never seen what you're looking for. I would recommend you to focus on 1) know the patterns that work for you 2) understand risk managment and cut your loses quickly and 3) control yourself and only trade what works for you and don't try new things with real money

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