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latonya0213 Apr 01, 19 9:49 AM

Good I placed my first official trade this morning after joining the challenge. I'm not sure how to link my account yet to verify the trade. But wanted to share with you all...I'm a week in so I'm not suggesting anyone follow...just sharing my experience : ) I purchased PULM $1.65 this morning. Let's see how I do. Will update later.

Munder Apr 01, 19 5:51 PM

@latonya0213 what a start, well done. there were few things going for PULM including a hammer formation and the good news.

ChristineB Apr 02, 19 9:45 AM

Thanks Tim! You definitly know what your doing. I will always trust your judgement.

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didixiu Nov 15, 21 11:28 PM

Thank you Tim. Disciplined.

oswald Jul 17, 22 11:38 PM

Follow good patterns and rules, a FGD has to be convincing, breaking key levels, a first green day on a former supernova, playing a pattern from red to green on the day is a low odds setup, just cause you miss a play don't revenge trade, stick to patterns your best at, except in the beginning test to see what works for you! Thanks Tim!

User_1610 Jul 16, 23 9:47 PM

Watching And Analyzing!

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$582 profit SORL Long Stock

Entry comments: I re-bought bigger into this morning panic, tons of support at 5.70 so that's my risk but I think this can bounce 30-50 cents/share too

Exit comments: Blehhh, pathetic bounce off such a big drop off its day highs of 6.88, overall market is holding steadily lower down 1% that's dragging down all momentum today, CLWT was the earnings play today, but it moved so fast, congrats to several students who nailed it, this one seems dead in the water so I take small profits and will look to see how its doing later today

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$520 profit SORL Long Stock

Entry comments: Nice new earnings winner along with CLWT, I bought this one as it has a history of multi-day earnings spikes, aiming to make 10-20% on my gains, cut losses quickly if it runs into a wll of sellers though

Exit comments: Zzzzzz, overall market tanking big, CWLT turned out to be the big winner, at least my dip buy saved me on this trade, but otherwise it's dead for now

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$15 profit SORL Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this earnings winner off its day high and on its probable 1st green day after several days of consolidation, my goal is to make 30-50 cents/share either later today or overnight and while this isn't a hugely volatile stock, I'm buying at the bottom of its recent range so there's not much risk and if it goes red today I'll just cut losses quickly

Exit comments: I gave it some time to go green on the day, but it's not doing that which is a bad sign after yesterday's 1st green day, OHGI was today's biggest spiker and I missed it playing these 2 boring stocks, it happens, but by exiting trades not working out great you protect yourself from big potential losses, safety first...potential re-buy here only if it can go green on the day convincingly

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Nabilinc18 Jun 08, 17 6:48 AM

.10 cents mental stop loss@Vaytzman

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