[TimAlerts] $CREG nice bounce on lod and double bottom range from yesterday. I'm taking that and leaving this one for today


[TimAlerts] $CREG I would love it if it dipped all the way to yesterday's close. High likelihood of a bounce there

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Hagen Jul 01, 7:55 PM

Video lessons like this is making me prepared for when there is big morning spikes on low float stocks. They will come down just take the meat of the move and don’t be upset if it keeps going higher. Use T&S and L2 to help to judge when to exit best you can but there is no science to it.

axlk Jul 18, 5:31 AM

This makes me better prepared

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$274 profit CREG Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent spiker on a nice multi-day dip and its showing signs of bouncing today as low floaters like LEDS and CHFS are spiking big, nice support in the low 4s for me, goal is to make 30-75 cents/share on the bounce if it can catch the momo crowd

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, small gain, but solid wall of sellers at 4.25-4.30ish despite low floaters like CHFS going from 4 to 21 today, a few dozen students in my chatroom went long that one so congrats to you guys, this one seems to be a dud so I'm out for small profits

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larkjr Nov 15, 17 1:23 PM

Thanks for posting Tim

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