$720 profit CREX Long Stock

Entry comments: Rebought on actual press release https://tim.ly/2VNrnlc goal is to make 10-20%, could be fast

Exit comments: Wall of sellers at 2.40ish so I won't get greedy, another single for the day

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DonnieA317 Apr 28, 3:17 PM

Nice trade Tim, I’ve been following you for 7 months now and just starting to trade profitably..... I made the exact same trade, in at $2.07 and out at $2.34.... it’s more rewarding to me knowing i had the same thought process as you, than the few hundred $ i profited.... Tha is for the all the help!!

StormanTrader Apr 28, 10:46 PM

Hi Tim, Did you get an alert on the news from marketwatch or did StockToTrade alerted your for the press release?

Windwalzer May 01, 12:12 AM

I get why you reentered. Thank you.

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$CREG i keep doing this. I see the play I have a valid risk/reward and key points to get in and out. But, I sit and I watch it happen right in front of me. Stocks To Trade crashed twice this morning for me. I have confidence in my process but I'm not confident in STT.

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$274 profit CREG Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent spiker on a nice multi-day dip and its showing signs of bouncing today as low floaters like LEDS and CHFS are spiking big, nice support in the low 4s for me, goal is to make 30-75 cents/share on the bounce if it can catch the momo crowd

Exit comments: Zzzzzzzz, small gain, but solid wall of sellers at 4.25-4.30ish despite low floaters like CHFS going from 4 to 21 today, a few dozen students in my chatroom went long that one so congrats to you guys, this one seems to be a dud so I'm out for small profits

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larkjr Nov 15, 17 12:23 PM

Thanks for posting Tim

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($160.02) Loss $CREG Long Pre-market 200 position ($523.00) Loss $ CREG Long Market Open 300 position Pre-market looks promising. It broke out from previous from previous resistance $6.38, and it made a new 52 week high. Thinking this going to be a new supernova because it was a huge spike from yesterday – from 2 to 7 to close at 4. When it broke out looks its holding and going up, I took position 200 @ 7.30. It went high to 7.50, then went down to its support holding at 6.50. It attempted to go twice at 7.19 and 7.23 but failed. Then started to go down, I cut losses 70 cents later (6.60). True enough when market opened it went down to 4.80. After 38 minutes after opening, the Price surge to 9.13 in 26 minutes – Market was Halted for 5 minutes. Price went down with the support @ 6.90. Then went down 6.20. – Damn! This is a short supernova. Market Open: I chased it when it the stocks went up. It was halted @ $9.13 showing I got almost $1.00 potential profit. Unfortunately, after it halted it did not went back up again. And, I did not sold it when I had 3 chances to cut losses early. I waited until shorts attacked again. I run out of time as well, I have to send my daughter to school. After ($523.00) loss later. Would there be a 3rd day SPIKE for this? -- For me, after this experience, i'll trade scared. But, I will hone my skills on how to perfectly dip buy. This is an experience i'll never forget, but i'll be more prepared next time if I see one.

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