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Flockstock Jun 18, 12:36 PM

Always be prepared.... to short ... There are better opportunities when shorting ... Don't chase a stock ... Ever... Usually when you do you regret it 90% of the time .. Kinda crazy that 90% of traders fail, maybe because they chase

KiwiDan Jun 21, 7:01 AM

My last two trades I chased both and lost. Never again.

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TEE_lucky10 Jun 08, 11:19 AM

After just 2 weeks of hard studying, I finally did my first small trades today $XXII and $HUSA - bought premarket and got out with small 30% gain. Been watching XXII for a few months. Thanks Tim and team!!

SabZab Jun 08, 11:31 AM

Seeing Earnings Winners, how could we have seen HYGS? Spiked 30% on news release of $50mln bus cell's....

SabZab Jun 08, 11:32 AM

Or massive spiker WSTL...$0.71 to $3+ in opening bell...can you review?

Arnau Jun 08, 4:12 PM

Thx Tim, learning every day. :)

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Shorted $MOSY but realized shorts were getting squeezed so I went long. Was absolutely right for going long bug I got faked out. 2 losses. Need to study more.

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1viticoinf87 Jun 15, 12:08 PM

It will pay off brother, keep studying, we are on the right track!

1AngelTrades Jun 15, 11:22 PM

Thank you brother for all of the support:)

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