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ZachR Oct 29, 18 9:20 PM

Fantastic thanks Mark

ZiggysMom Oct 30, 18 1:30 PM

Noting when a stock or a sector is late into the pattern, don't expect much on the first green days. Small accounts should focus on the 1st red day bounce. Do not touch bad sushi charts unless amazing news or amazing volume, but even then its still speculative. Time is tough. Look for above average volume, catalyst, and volatility. By near support, have solid risk reward.

zaraza Nov 24, 18 2:42 PM

Thanks Mark

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CstrataG Nov 15, 17 7:55 AM

You think $CREG is a dip buy?? Yesterday was first red day after a spike on no news. Thought that was a short setup???? I’m looking to go short if it cracks 3.60, no resistance down to .50c Please tell me why I’m wrong I’ve been waiting on this move for 3 days..... thanks Tim

MK1996 Nov 15, 17 5:33 PM

What do you guys think of NLST tomorrow? It dropped more then 50% today.

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Flockstock Jun 18, 17 12:36 PM

Always be prepared.... to short ... There are better opportunities when shorting ... Don't chase a stock ... Ever... Usually when you do you regret it 90% of the time .. Kinda crazy that 90% of traders fail, maybe because they chase

zaraza Jun 19, 17 6:02 AM

thankyou Mark.

TraderD Jun 21, 17 7:01 AM

My last two trades I chased both and lost. Never again.

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@timothysykes thank u so much TIM for all the knowledge u offer me with your How To Make Millions I was able to profit on $MOSY enter 1.37 sold 1.70 for a nice profit! I used @stockstotrade to spot this play!thanks again

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