$26.40 Gain $APHB - Long Position 800 Entry: @1.087 - Mid day trade. Miss the Morning Dip, and its holding at 1.08 for hours. I took the risk mid day to get the sudden spike. Company is making public offering @ 1.00. Exit: @1.12 - It's been zzzzzz, but I'm so happy i got filled at 1.12. Still trading between 1.09-1.10. Happy to make singles. It can go hinger latter and next day but I'm taking the meat of the move. I'm building my confidence on the market. Training myself to pull the trigger, have the courage to take the risk. Thanks to @timothysykes .

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@Turbobob How do you feel about $APHB's move yesterday? I didn't trade it because it gapped up pre-market without a catalyst, hardly has it had any volume in the past, had wide spreads, and overhead resistance in the 3s, 3.30s, the 4s, and the 4.50s.

LivingLarge88 May 05, 17 10:38 AM

What about the long trade though? Would you have went long when it started moving?

Fox_Trader Jul 04, 17 5:28 AM

Yo @ Adam how is going haven't seen ya on here ??

LivingLarge88 Jul 24, 17 10:31 AM

@Jason_Raposo Hey buddy sorry for the late reply but I have been grinding out this current choppy penny stock market and developing new strategies to adapt to this slower market :) I am confident that I should be turning a profit here shortly!

LivingLarge88 Jul 24, 17 10:32 AM

@Jason_Raposo How is your trading going this summer?

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[TimAlerts] perfect u shape (small) b/o on $APHB made a tiny profit with my small test account before the pull back

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