$VUZI might be a good candidate for a morning panic. Up from the 2s a few days ago. Patience and watching, strong keys to picking up good tickers.

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Tried to dip buy $VUZI at 4.20. Dipped to 4.12. Went back up and I just got out at break even. 10 shares. Market session seems very slow at this time.

trader1701 Jun 12, 2:03 PM

Hoping it would bottom out at 4.12ish and was looking for a .20 cent climb. However that might take some time instead of a few minutes. Got scared and just exited anyway.

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$509 profit VUZI Long Stock

Entry comments: New big spiker today, first green day on big volume, former runner, solid news of facial recognition for law enforcement could have legs, worth a shot overnight given dip off highs but still holding gains, goal is to sell in the low 3s on gap up or morning spike

Exit comments: ?I gave it some time, but it's not doing much so I'm taking the small but disappointing gain as it was over 3 afterhours yesterday but I'll take it and not risk it, bigger better plays out there today

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VeryBigMoney Jun 11, 4:34 PM

You should just wait a bit. It was working great later on in the day. I know... cut losses quickly What do you think will happen tomorrow with $VUZI ?

Grimes Jun 13, 5:29 PM

@VeryBigMoney lol you're joking about waiting a bit right. stock bottom at $2.68 he would have been down a rack. never hold and hope. all love

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@timothysykes Hey Master Sykes, I hope you are back to USA soon. Everyday I try to go over your alerts along with charts, and do a recap of what went on so I can learn from your thinking. I started studying back in Oct/17 and is now that I feel I am even capable of asking you a question I hope is not a waste of your extremely busy time. I tried to apply everything I've learn but I cannot come up with the answer to these 2 questions. You predicted $VUZI SPCB XSPA MYSC and CANN as possible morning spikes. You nailed CANN and MYSZ but the other did not go as predicted. What made you think they were possible spikes, and why some did and the others didn't? (I don't expect you to be right 100% of the time, but I wonder what are your thoughts) Also, YOU WERE FUCKING RIGHT OOOONNNN on $VUZI's top and advised the long to sell as best scenario...How did you know? Thank you and please keep up your AWESOME teaching...YOU ARE THE FUCKING BEST!!!

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