Anyone long $ALT I HIGHLY recommend thinking for a second, 50%+ winner for most, they're presenting at a conference tomorrow, who knows what they're gonna say, no time to trim other than tonight afterhours, why risk not making 50%? Some of you guys are so greedy it blows my mind, learn to take singles, or this case a triple, NOT go for home runs

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@TheGorilla Trojan Horse on $ALT hope you saw it!

AppleTree1415 Sep 19, 18 2:18 PM

Exactly, that's why I put a note for myself that I wouldn't buy it unless a massive Volume Rush came in

chattwo Oct 02, 18 2:55 PM

I nailed it last week entry at mid 2's exit at 7 but was affraid to hold it over weekend. But it's good we continue learning

AppleTree1415 Oct 02, 18 3:02 PM

@chattwo Yup, that's the name of the game! We either keep learning or we lose all our money lol

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Tried two tickers today. Paper trade acct over 4k. Was unsure of NBEV break out so exited instead. Never touched risk levels. Got a little mixed up with $ALT but exited once it wasn't doing what I wanted. I'm up a little earlier today, I usually like the 12:30 pm time frame to start looking even though it's mid day, I find mid day perks or mid day break outs often.

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