Received 25 Karmas
Valik_Vista Feb 24, 21 6:58 PM

I really appreciate your video... so much useful info!

RIKROS Feb 25, 21 12:13 AM

Hi, I recently started listed stocks trading. I would like to trade OTC stocks. May I know which is the best brokerage company to trade OTC stocks. Thanks!!!!

Deepadots Mar 09, 21 11:45 PM

Thanks for the lesson

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redwagonrider Jan 04, 21 7:47 AM

Awesome review. Thanks for going over your mindset with sizing up. I really appreciate how you are brutally honest about your losses on the front side of a trade. Have a great 2021.

KDJourney Jan 04, 21 7:52 AM

Thank you Kyle ~ always a lesson ~ Happy New Year ! ! !

Kingsalini Jan 04, 21 5:07 PM

As always good shit #Dopeness

26R_COLE Jan 05, 21 12:16 AM

Great monthly recap Kyle! Thank you for going over your process/ trades. I appreciate your help and time.

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Received 11 Karmas
SezzyMunMuns Dec 02, 20 1:38 PM

wow! Great job! i want to get to where you are so bad i can taste it. had a rude awakening today when i went to make my first real money trade and TWS said "cant submit my order" lol i decided i better learn my trade platform better before i start.. Anyway congrats again and thanks for sharing the knowledge you have acquired so far

Kingsalini Dec 02, 20 6:13 PM

Appreciate you keep on inspiring us my guy!! #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

KDJourney Dec 02, 20 8:03 PM

This is great stuff . . . Thank you for being transparent and so very helpful ! ! !

Windwalzer Jan 18, 21 10:33 AM

Thank you for your recap. Things are beginning to make sense and more visible. Are the short fees different for each broker and is it per share or per trade? Thank you.

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Windwalzer Nov 02, 20 9:27 AM

Your recaps are so educational. You trade both long and short which make it great for seeing both sides of the trade. Thank you.

chisum Nov 02, 20 12:49 PM

Thanks for sharing your process, Kyle! Your analysis is so educational/informative!

Kingsalini Nov 03, 20 8:33 AM

My guy as always good shit appreciate it #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

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geostudio Oct 12, 20 4:44 AM

Congratulations Kyle,fair play to you

Alexander_ Oct 12, 20 11:25 AM

Great trade, Kyle! Thanks for the video!

KDJourney Oct 12, 20 4:26 PM

My Dad used to say: "Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity". Right on Kyle and thanks for the video!

Windwalzer Oct 17, 20 6:04 PM

It is a history lesson. It was encouraging to see how you had the last trade and the recent trade to show us how similar they are. I am seeing patterns now, not confident that I really am. Working on it. Thank you so much for the lesson. Congratulations.

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aaronmizellam Jul 12, 22 7:43 PM

Thanks For Sharing Jack! Right Now I'm Doing My Best Sticking With It. Growing my Knowledge Account although my trading Profits are Yet To be Seen which at Times can be hard not to let it be Frustrating. Trusting The Process!

LETSWIN16 Nov 29, 22 12:45 AM

great story jack. you had a desire and faith. thats why you did'nt give up. that is a true uncle who supported you and gave you good advice .I am studying hard because one day im going to reach my goal.thanks again for sharing your story.

Garry19 May 29, 9:30 AM

@Jackaroo Clearly this was about 3-31/2 yrs ago. Looks to me like a little confidence of someone believing in you can make all the difference in the world. Congrats on your success Jack! I truly believe we all have it in us & it just takes hard work & 1 person believing in you & believing in yourself. Your uncle is a great man.

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shugey64 Oct 31, 20 10:33 AM

Thanks for sharing Jack looking forward for the OCT 2020 trade review .Do what u do best and hope i can learn more from u man .

donn Dec 09, 20 7:34 AM

Thanks for keeping your trades up to date Jack. I notice other big guns quit entering trades after August so hard to believe any of their progress. Your transparency will keep you highly motivated and successful. You are a leader now, and I respect that.

Parallax278kAU Jan 23, 21 11:57 AM

Iam watching all your video fantastic explanations of the trade decisions! Would you be able to make a dvd that will show you doing live pleaseeee!! :)?

Pamalala Jan 28, 21 6:54 PM

Love these monthly recaps Jack! Thank you for sharing so much of your insight with us!! truly grateful!

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