$1,042 profit BILZF Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought on the big dip, goal is to make 5-10% on the bounce, small $ position though given how much its up already, but I've undrestimated it once so lets see if it can bounce too

Exit comments: Sold into a little bounce, i think the majority of the pop is done now as this bounce is somewhat weak so I'll play it safe just in case given how much its up today and how much I'm up today, now $5k+ on the day for me

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KDJourney Sep 24, 19 6:04 AM

Interesting to see your entry at the Summit ~ then this morning taking profits! Thanks for the lesson, the grand finale for the weekend!

Anigai Sep 24, 19 11:11 PM

Would love a video lesson going over your thought process and how you feel about your entrys and exits for this ticker. Great stuff Tim.

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$744 profit DCGD Long Stock

Entry comments: I rebought since it failed to go red on the day and already had some upside potential spike into the .70s, would love a quick respike to the .70s again too

Exit comments: Very nice, hit my goals, I'm not gonna be aggressive on this stock as its burned me int he past, just taking singles, a few hundred bucks adds up

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onteng Sep 13, 19 6:39 AM

Sir.how do you differentiate between that the spike fake out in DCGD. I mean if it were me i would wonder if the spike is temporary . I dont understand that it didnt hit red on the day

BGoddard Sep 13, 19 9:21 AM

Yes I understand thanks Tim

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kylecw2 Aug 19, 19 9:04 AM

@garbagemancjc I use StocksToTrade to scan for pumps but people also talk about them in the chatrooms as well. Theres usually only 1 pump a month so you wont find them very frequiently

shoeusn Aug 19, 19 11:49 AM

Did you just re-up your challange as you are in that downswing?

kylecw2 Aug 19, 19 4:46 PM

@robertfire if you are apart of silver then by joining the challenge you would gain access to all majority of the DVDs and access to all new and previously recorded webinars. The DVDs you can buy at your own pace if you didnt want to join the challenge but the best part imo is the webinars, especially the old ones done by Tim Grittani. Is the challenge necessary? No but theres no doubt it sped up my learning curve.

kylecw2 Aug 19, 19 4:49 PM

@shoeusn yes I renewed my challenge subsciption just after I had my second profitable month

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I had an issue with my email/upgrade needed on my computer to verify it on this site before I could add trades. Fixed it all up now and to save time I just sharing my spreadsheet showing my trades. I lost discipline on part of my tracking as you can see from missing info. I was also overtrading. I've calmed down now and focusing only on the best plays! Please give me feedback on my trades. Thanks

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KDJourney Aug 30, 19 5:49 AM

"Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground. There's no greater investment." -Stephen Covey

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RPhTrader Sep 26, 19 10:59 AM

Thank you Jack! I was looking at these intraday, with an eye on longer term charts for bagholders, etc. I will look at the 15day, 15 miunte

drog Sep 28, 19 1:35 PM

Loved this video. Again great clear explanations

johnnyM Jan 17, 3:05 AM

Thanks for making this, it helps to bring some consistency to my sometimes manic trading

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