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geostudio Oct 12, 4:44 AM

Congratulations Kyle,fair play to you

Alexander_ Oct 12, 11:25 AM

Great trade, Kyle! Thanks for the video!

KDJourney Oct 12, 4:26 PM

My Dad used to say: "Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity". Right on Kyle and thanks for the video!

Windwalzer Oct 17, 6:04 PM

It is a history lesson. It was encouraging to see how you had the last trade and the recent trade to show us how similar they are. I am seeing patterns now, not confident that I really am. Working on it. Thank you so much for the lesson. Congratulations.

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friedrichodermann Oct 15, 12:35 PM

Love this. I knew when I got into it it may take months and years, I've only told a select number of people because I am vulnerable to other people's criticism. At the end of the day, you have to live with yourself, finding happiness or solace in what others think of you is a dangerous game that can't be won...unlike penny stocks. I'm here to win.

khaymike Oct 15, 3:57 PM

Inspiring, thanks for sharing!

Dale82 Oct 19, 3:04 AM

this is very inspiring

SassyB Oct 19, 11:40 PM

Wow! You are such a great inspiration! Ty for sharing!

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Windwalzer Aug 14, 5:54 PM

Finally had time to watch this, very helpful especially with the long and short strategy. Makes more sense with every lesson. Now need to learn to apply it. Thank you for your time.

Badgerjoe04 Sep 19, 6:24 PM

Really got the wheels turning in my head. thx for breaking your trading down.

Pruittbmop Sep 25, 11:54 AM

where can i find this video?

Pruittbmop Sep 25, 12:00 PM

i was looking for sept 1 webinar

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@sar99 just became a fully transparent trader today! Stoked to be a member of Tim's community. I want to learn, learn, learn.

KDJourney Jul 27, 4:22 PM

Thank you ~ remember Opportunity comes from Preparedness! ~ You're on the right track . . . study . . . study . . . study

sar99 Jul 31, 9:55 PM

@KDJourney Do you use multiple brokers? If so do you mind sharing who you are using. I currently only have TD Ameritrade set up but want to a second account to help avoid the PDT rule someday. Thanks

KDJourney Aug 01, 9:43 AM

Actually not under PDT ~ I use E*Trade Pro for my trading account. I also have TOS ~ reluctant to "short" until I'm very consistent going long. When that happens, I'll set up an account with Interactive Brokers if I can get the borrows. ~ Good luck in your Journey! (Luck is when Opportunity meets Preparedness!)

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Lyoness Sep 03, 11:37 AM

Thank you. I haven't yet taken a trading break really since starting, except that if I don't see any of my setups forming, I'll call it a day and spend the rest of the time with my kids. This is all really good to keep in mind, thank you.

Lyoness Sep 03, 4:49 PM

Whoa. I watched your video and then I went and analyzed how well I have *played* all of my plays. I have tons of data on whether or not the plays should work, but I had not yet looked at how well I played them. It was eye opening, to say the least. Thank you for the motivation.

Nachos Sep 16, 11:51 AM

Great video

MannyAFVet Sep 16, 11:53 AM

TY Bud---great video and advise... I definitely need a break and should be refining my setups.. Your Spanglish sucks-lol--

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