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LibertyBelle Dec 14, 20 11:37 PM

Nice trick with the order window. Thanks for the vid.

Boxa Dec 15, 20 3:57 AM


Crazey_Canuck Dec 29, 20 8:57 PM

Very Cool Ellis that was pretty slick move with the change order. Putting your cover in like that it doesn't affect the trade? IE market makers becuase I think I heard you say something about being the cause of the stock going down when you were in a long position which I 'm its the same as the short? anyways thank you Peace Out

ArtOfWar Dec 30, 20 12:02 AM

@Crazey_Canuck I try and put it a little above the support area sometimes so I’m first in line. Doesn’t affect much imo

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Hello everyone! Absolute beginner here. been studying about 4 months with no trades yet though as my pace has been kinda slower than i would have hoped do to my overbearing day job . If there is anyone using IB's TWS mosaic and would like to help a guy out i could use it. Also would be cool to meet other traders living in the WA area. Back to studying for me!

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SezzyMunMuns Dec 02, 20 1:38 PM

wow! Great job! i want to get to where you are so bad i can taste it. had a rude awakening today when i went to make my first real money trade and TWS said "cant submit my order" lol i decided i better learn my trade platform better before i start.. Anyway congrats again and thanks for sharing the knowledge you have acquired so far

Kingsalini Dec 02, 20 6:13 PM

Appreciate you keep on inspiring us my guy!! #TheSquidad BEST TEAM MOVING!!

KDJourney Dec 02, 20 8:03 PM

This is great stuff . . . Thank you for being transparent and so very helpful ! ! !

Windwalzer Jan 18, 10:33 AM

Thank you for your recap. Things are beginning to make sense and more visible. Are the short fees different for each broker and is it per share or per trade? Thank you.

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