August 1st I become a full time day trader! I will become a pro! I am determined. I am still on the app until then. But I will be better about documenting my watchlists and trades.

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Nearly $5k in profits for me today, now $30k this month, opportunities galore even with small size

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RWoody Mar 25, 20 8:33 PM

This has Been a record month for me as well. Thank you for all of your teachings! I'm sorry I'm not so involved with the community. But I have taken your lessons and been applying them towards my success! I'm still not quiet there yet but I am now profitable after 1.5 years. I'm grateful for everything you do and still working hard everyday at mastering this niche!!

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BigMike2020 Sep 14, 19 8:20 PM

Just watched two of your videos on youtube: August recap and 0 to 100k! Very helpful to me a newbie! Thanks for sharing all your hardwork and documenting it so others can learn from your willingness to share! Means alot! Best of luck going forward and thanks again and here's to the next 100k!

RWoody Sep 23, 19 8:03 AM

really enjoyed your talk on stage at the summit. SO now i'm going through all your videos! which are great! thank you

Crazey_Canuck Feb 13, 9:46 AM

Thank you Kyle truly appreciate everything you give back to the community Thank you Peace OUT

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SurfinWaves Sep 14, 20 4:44 PM

I love this video. One of your best Huddie!!

Zarnigor Oct 15, 20 8:56 PM

what accaunt you use to short OTC ?

Vox Dec 01, 20 7:36 PM

I see now why Sykes mentioned the necessity of Lvl2 on for this strategy when Joel told me "you have to feel it out."

castlemain Jan 24, 5:34 PM

Damn good video. Watched this 3 times. Best 76 minutes I've spent in a while. Thanks Huddie.

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