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theShark2020 Sep 17, 9:54 AM

wow this stock dropped by 10% right out of the gate... i ended up not buying... @timothysykes the setup wasn't there so i ended up not buying... any thoughts on why this would didn't take off?? not sure what i missed

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trademaid Sep 16, 12:10 PM

Hi I am new to both the Challenge team and E Trade. I am learning as much as I can, it's been a few weeks but wow is it a lot to digest. To answer your question, I think if its "open" it hasn't been executed yet. I have an "open" on E Trade to sell at a higher price so it is showing "open" because it has not yet (and probably won't lol) reach that price. I checked the box to have this last only through todays trading day, after that it moves to expired. Click your "portfolio" and that is one pla

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