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aaronmizellam Jul 12, 22 7:43 PM

Thanks For Sharing Jack! Right Now I'm Doing My Best Sticking With It. Growing my Knowledge Account although my trading Profits are Yet To be Seen which at Times can be hard not to let it be Frustrating. Trusting The Process!

LETSWIN16 Nov 29, 22 12:45 AM

great story jack. you had a desire and faith. thats why you did'nt give up. that is a true uncle who supported you and gave you good advice .I am studying hard because one day im going to reach my goal.thanks again for sharing your story.

Garry19 May 29, 23 9:30 AM

@Jackaroo Clearly this was about 3-31/2 yrs ago. Looks to me like a little confidence of someone believing in you can make all the difference in the world. Congrats on your success Jack! I truly believe we all have it in us & it just takes hard work & 1 person believing in you & believing in yourself. Your uncle is a great man.

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theShark2020 Sep 17, 20 9:54 AM

wow this stock dropped by 10% right out of the gate... i ended up not buying... @timothysykes the setup wasn't there so i ended up not buying... any thoughts on why this would didn't take off?? not sure what i missed

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trademaid Sep 16, 20 12:10 PM

Hi I am new to both the Challenge team and E Trade. I am learning as much as I can, it's been a few weeks but wow is it a lot to digest. To answer your question, I think if its "open" it hasn't been executed yet. I have an "open" on E Trade to sell at a higher price so it is showing "open" because it has not yet (and probably won't lol) reach that price. I checked the box to have this last only through todays trading day, after that it moves to expired. Click your "portfolio" and that is one pla

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