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trademaid Aug 01, 12:21 PM

Thank you! learned a lot on how you use support to trade, watching the higher lows until or if breaks. Being disciplined and following your own rules, no emotion, comfortable position size. Thank you!

26R_COLE Aug 11, 12:42 PM

Thank you for the video lesson Ellis

mmarton Sep 14, 6:35 PM

Well done Ellis! Great lesson!!

karman Oct 11, 8:07 PM

Grreat lesson. Thanks Ellis

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I am not a good one to ask about risk as I'm currently in a 1-year experiment where I don't care about risk generally because I only trade OTC former runners as they usually run again and I'll always get out for a profit. I have 467 consecutive wins with the strategies outlined in my 10/31 & 2/27 blogposts. I also have 47 open positions! When I learned that Jack Kellogg had 60 open positions, it made me not worry. What I've learned from Sykes and other mentors over the past year, if buying a dip buy, you might commonly cut if it goes below LOD. What I've learned is that, as long as I'm buying former runners as daily Big % Gainers with Volume, if it goes lower I'll usually do another dip buy and then hold. My trading weakness isn't cutting losers... I proved I could do that quite well as I lost $15k in my first 15 months as a trader ($7.5k to start in Tim's Challenge). My weakness is greed and that's what I'm focused on until Sep... learning how to shoot winners before they fall back below me. Back to your question, another way I've learned from Sykes and the mentors to cut losses is when the price falls below a strong support price. You can always find those by looking back at the 2-mo, 3-mo, & 6-mo charts. You'll see me in Challenge Chat calling out the support prices because if I'm up 10% profit or more, that's how I decide to get out is when the support prices break... then I get out on the very next bounce.... this helps me with my greed problem.

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felix77 Jun 22, 2:55 AM

nice analogy for one year with Sykes, I'm around the same time as you now , but still figuring it out, good post thx

JJJackson Jul 09, 12:07 PM

I have no idea how I have not been following you all this time.

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SurfinWaves Jun 17, 9:23 PM

Another excellent lesson. Thanks coach!

IsaiahV Jun 18, 1:01 AM

This man only preaches winner mindset. Always appreciate the lessons. Thank you!

HottDog Jun 27, 10:22 PM

Totally new here, been studying for 2months now and just starting to let myself trade again. Thank you for the clear details of your trades, truly helpful!

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oldmanlogan Apr 30, 1:05 PM

@TraderStal Hi Crystal, my name is Johnny and I am a challenge student. I am interested in trading Crypto using the Kucoin platform and had some questions regarding Tim's material (charts/patterns/etc) and how it would apply to the Crypto market. Can you please support me?

ricearoni Jun 08, 7:55 PM

This was great, thank you!

ClaireM Jul 12, 5:54 AM

Thanks for the live trade!

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ArtOfWar May 30, 10:06 AM

No. The price action and trends changed. Areas of resistance ( 3.20)that then become support should remain that way within the flow of my trade. If not I simply exit. I don’t care about PH in that instance.

ArtOfWar May 30, 4:46 PM

@onteng Understand the question better. No. I get out when 3.25 wasn’t holding because in my thoughts and reading price action it shouldn’t struggle that close to a previous resistive level.

Mauro Jun 07, 8:06 AM

Thanks for this. I love your live trading vids. They are great and really helpful for us newbies. Please keep them coming

owlbanks Jun 30, 12:48 PM

Thanks again! Very insightful!

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