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AlpineZ Jun 08, 1:53 PM

Thank your your simplicity in trading setups!! You make seem so easy! Just started doing paper trading. Will continue to follow!

alexpanther17 Jun 11, 10:34 AM

Thank you a lot for these videos! Learning so much through all your content especially live trades. I have one important question. I know you mostly trade listed, so in your live trading videos, I spotted that the Level 2 is pretty slow and clean like it OTCs. However when I watch listed, the Level 2 is always super fast and I can’t really use it like you do in your trades. Can you please explain why the level 2 on your plays is slow? Does it just depend on the stock?

ArtOfWar Jun 12, 4:24 AM

@alexpanther17 every stock has its own characteristics. Listed or not they all follow patterns. Just a matter of understanding how it trades.

RintaUpa Jun 12, 2:33 PM

Awesome video.Thank you so much a lot of knowledge.

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TraderStal Apr 25, 9:35 PM

Thank you. Always enjoy your teachings

KrazyKarl Apr 26, 3:14 AM

Nothing wrong with trading scared. Thanks for the live trade Ellis

oldmanlogan Apr 30, 1:05 PM

@TraderStal Hi Crystal, my name is Johnny and I am a challenge student. I am interested in trading Crypto using the Kucoin platform and had some questions regarding Tim's material (charts/patterns/etc) and how it would apply to the Crypto market. Can you please support me?

ricearoni Jun 08, 7:55 PM

This was great, thank you!

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onteng May 30, 3:07 AM

Sir . On this trade do you exit only when it break $3.2. I mean it still 3pm , early in power hour

ArtOfWar May 30, 10:06 AM

No. The price action and trends changed. Areas of resistance ( 3.20)that then become support should remain that way within the flow of my trade. If not I simply exit. I don’t care about PH in that instance.

ArtOfWar May 30, 4:46 PM

@onteng Understand the question better. No. I get out when 3.25 wasn’t holding because in my thoughts and reading price action it shouldn’t struggle that close to a previous resistive level.

Mauro Jun 07, 8:06 AM

Thanks for this. I love your live trading vids. They are great and really helpful for us newbies. Please keep them coming

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jakemcg36 Apr 21, 9:04 PM

Thanks for the video! Just wondering, you wanted to get in at 1.72 but why not 1.68? That consolidation held longer there and it would've given you a higher ceiling. Was it just because volume picked up there or did you feel like it was a better entry level given it found support around there after coming off its highs earlier that day

KrazyKarl Apr 27, 9:19 AM

Thanks Ellis. Helps me with some thoughts on ABML now.

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ricearoni May 20, 10:19 AM

I am starting to realize this myself. Following alerts and other ppls tickers isn't really doing too much for me. Nice to see you only $3k away from the Mil! Congrats!!!!

Beerock May 24, 2:02 AM

@zoomlemon first green day OTCs ideally with news and multiday breakouts

ATXTrader Jun 03, 12:35 PM

good points in this post. I'm gonna listen and apply to myself. thanks for spending the time to post.

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@JoelMM just became a fully transparent trader today!

felix77 Jul 19, 20 2:24 AM

Hi there Joel ,,, Missy Kyle told me to let you know what my greatest weaknesses in trading and there are chasing a stock of well i know that's wrong, but i keep doing it ,, second is Most of my mistakes are coming from fear and timing of buying a stock or getting greedy

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