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kylecw2 Jun 02, 7:44 PM

@millerruth23 I scan for OTC stocks under $10 that are up at least .01% with little too no volume requirement and from there I'll review any tickers that look familiar or ones that stand out to me to hopefully find the next pump. I also stay active in the community on twitter or here on that usually keeps me up to date on any pumps.

millerruth23 Jun 02, 8:35 PM

@kylewc2 yes, makes perfect sense. They give you some time during the "pump" to observe them :)

JMad Jul 01, 10:23 AM

great video dude. thanks for sharing!

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BruceLeeroy May 26, 2:53 AM

watched the video 2x. shined a light on why stocks spiked so much on lower volume in the past. and not do the same on comparable volume now a days.. cheers. @fundamentalanalysis

mynbtsa May 28, 10:36 PM

Great video and excellent detail , Thanks Huddie

darrellwayne13 Jun 24, 11:50 PM

NVCN has gone up ever since you posted this video. Now what's the strategy???

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@l_obrennan just became a fully transparent trader today!

Sky_Hi_Trading Mar 26, 4:29 PM

Hi Laura and welcome to the challenge! Looks like you are off to a pretty good start! I'm a newb too, just 1 month :) Hope to see you at the top!

l_obrennan Mar 26, 4:37 PM

Awesome! Thanks for reaching out! I’m playing very small positions but I’m excited to learn!

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Pops62 Mar 12, 11:07 PM

That was a great stock to trade, I wish I would have had the day off!! damn

Sky_Hi_Trading Mar 12, 11:08 PM

Awesome Heidi and congrats on the nice win!! Well deserved!!!

kobayashimaru Mar 13, 4:10 AM


heidiv83 Mar 13, 4:32 PM

@Pops62 thank you for both of the analysis! I will try, but I still don't quite yet understand all the lines. It will come with experience I imagine! :)

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Pops62 Mar 11, 6:58 AM

Over analysing is something we all go through. Everytime I take a loss that is bigger than I think I should have taken, I go through a phase of fear to pull the trigger.

Pops62 Mar 11, 7:07 AM

I get it nobody wants to go back to paper trading after trading from your account, but remember Sykes recommends doing just that when your not being consistent. I have not watched Trading tickers yet. It is high on my to do list! keep studying, keep your head up. It will come to you, I know it!!!

kobayashimaru Mar 11, 4:32 PM

Simplicity, Fluidity and Flexibility are the best plans. Your mind for trading must be like water

heidiv83 Mar 11, 4:49 PM

Thanks for the comments all, I really appreciate them!

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@SkyHiTrading just became a fully transparent trader today!

LongCao Feb 26, 4:53 PM

Yes the pattern looks so similar to IGCC, that one I missed because I hesitated. Looking to capitalize in the morning on $PURA

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