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twarmbruster Sep 28, 4:09 PM

Hey thats an awesome explanation. Very implementable tips. Love the 5min candle tip

parrys_corner Nov 04, 1:06 PM

Hi Karan, please would you be able to share how you track your statistics. like what do you track exactly to narrow down to pattern from the data. I have been tracking a while, but I am not sure if I am missing something on the volume side. Like do you track hourly percentages for volatile stocks ? Thanks for any info you are happy to share.

MomsTrade2 Dec 02, 3:07 PM

Wow! Very thorough explanations! Thanks for sharing!

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New blog post with stocks I'm watching for next week retweet if you promise to study this weekend and be better prepared than anyone else for trading on Monday!

shugey64 Aug 01, 10:19 PM

i am working hard and risking small

bhenry08 Aug 01, 11:57 PM

Looking for patterns....

Eli5grant Aug 02, 5:16 AM

work all day study all night....

Samy Aug 02, 12:55 PM

how to study th patterns?

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