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brandonkoy Feb 14, 23 4:32 PM

yes himmeny 3.0 after 100k

momofwallstreet Jan 23, 5:56 AM

Thank you for sharing this. 6 months into the Challenge myself. Seeing you and other regulars show up in the chat and keeping it real is great motivation for a beginner. Keep it up!

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trademaid Jan 18, 21 2:54 PM

It was good to see your perspective on this stock, how you looked at the different potential entries on the chart. I'm still learning so every video is greatly appreciated. Especially from other students! I vote for more videos :)

Parallax278kAU Feb 03, 21 4:22 AM

thanks really liked it especially pinpointing the key levels. Thanks for the effort!

Windwalzer Feb 07, 21 8:32 PM

Thank you Simon, I like how you explained about the bowl shaped volume. I've seen the stair step on the 1min chart, I hadn't looked for it on the daily. Very helpful to plan an o/n swing trade. I have a better picture of what to look for when starting to trade o/n swings. That is what I really would like to get good at now.

HeatherMeza Jan 20, 22 1:52 PM

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LETSWIN16 Nov 29, 22 12:45 AM

great story jack. you had a desire and faith. thats why you did'nt give up. that is a true uncle who supported you and gave you good advice .I am studying hard because one day im going to reach my goal.thanks again for sharing your story.

Garry19 May 29, 23 9:30 AM

@Jackaroo Clearly this was about 3-31/2 yrs ago. Looks to me like a little confidence of someone believing in you can make all the difference in the world. Congrats on your success Jack! I truly believe we all have it in us & it just takes hard work & 1 person believing in you & believing in yourself. Your uncle is a great man.

redcandles Jun 04, 23 11:31 PM

In the same boat. My dad doesn't believe this is going to work. He's seen me putting thousands and thousands of hours studying the market every chance I get. He's straight up told me that this will never work and that I will fail. The only way to fail is to stop. That will never happen. At the same time, it's time to put the hammer down. I finally have the $ to trade with again, it's go time!

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shugey64 Oct 31, 20 10:33 AM

Thanks for sharing Jack looking forward for the OCT 2020 trade review .Do what u do best and hope i can learn more from u man .

donn Dec 09, 20 7:34 AM

Thanks for keeping your trades up to date Jack. I notice other big guns quit entering trades after August so hard to believe any of their progress. Your transparency will keep you highly motivated and successful. You are a leader now, and I respect that.

Parallax278kAU Jan 23, 21 11:57 AM

Iam watching all your video fantastic explanations of the trade decisions! Would you be able to make a dvd that will show you doing live pleaseeee!! :)?

Pamalala Jan 28, 21 6:54 PM

Love these monthly recaps Jack! Thank you for sharing so much of your insight with us!! truly grateful!

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