jollar Apr 09, 17 10:48 AM

Yeah I still trade, mostly options now though. Haven't touched penny stocks in 2 years.

Cristianius Aug 06, 17 3:31 PM

@jollar I have seen a lot of lessons and I found your comments very informative. I wonder do you currently trade?

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[TimAlerts] Lots of bullish Call option sweeps this morning on that A.M. flush. $AAPL still getting some bullish action into ER tonight.

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jollar Jan 26, 16 12:52 AM

These are the types of stocks that will go to $30+. I wouldn't short this yet. Wait for the parabolic move higher.

teentrader Jan 26, 16 7:20 AM

Wait until first red day! better odds imo

grnbrt5150 Jan 26, 16 1:09 PM

Well looks like the short was the right call after all. I shorted twice today, hope you guys made some money

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