@asefporl Hey I wanted to ask how is the interface for suretrader?

asefporl May 26, 17 5:03 PM

das trader is one of the best platforms out there to trade. I never heard any complaints about it and i have none aswell. Tim grittani, arick russell and nathan michaud all use this platform. you can set up and account with ib for example and have the option to use this platform, with a cost of course

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Dtorres69 Jun 27, 17 12:46 PM

Thanks, hope you are better

STicker Aug 10, 17 12:18 PM

Thank you for sharing, all the best from Europe!

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redwolf90 May 17, 17 11:17 PM

I think suretrader is perfect for building an account though that 6:1 leverage is so temping

mhill9791 May 18, 17 12:39 AM

I use etrade, but about to open up an account any day. What kind of surprises do I have with commissions on shorts?

mhill9791 May 18, 17 12:40 AM

I have the account, just in the process of transferring funds.

redwolf90 May 18, 17 9:54 AM

Not really any so far...I just wouldn't short overnight...

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jollar Apr 09, 17 10:48 AM

Yeah I still trade, mostly options now though. Haven't touched penny stocks in 2 years.

Cristianius Aug 06, 17 3:31 PM

@jollar I have seen a lot of lessons and I found your comments very informative. I wonder do you currently trade?

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