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Torkers May 01, 17 6:22 PM

Everybody that has accomplised something in the world has gone through enormous hurdles on their journey - this is just a hurdle - you get up and you try again. A little bit wiser and more knowledgeable and you bring your edge ! Ive busted a couple of times two - but i get back and try again - GL!

TimeFliesBuy Aug 05, 17 6:14 PM

OK, so what is the next step? What is your battleplan??? What areas do you need to focus on and what were you doing wrong? Lets do this!

JetCadet Sep 18, 17 4:34 PM

@TimeFliesBuy I've refined every single skill. I've gone over every mistake. I've learned to simplify with one pattern for now and my psychology is built and ready. Just waiting for some money to be transferred, should be back in full swing by next week. Im ready. Appreciate all encouragement guys!

TimeFliesBuy Sep 18, 17 9:16 PM

Well, sounds good, and thats why I say it like that, because I'll go over it all with you in a heartbeat, I'm familiar with the process to the point that its just natural ya know?

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