[TimChallenge] $VG is earnings winner now at support with down market. Looking for bounce. Supposed to be in long terms newsletter


$193 profit VG Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this earnings winner that has sold off huge due to the overall market, I don't have any great expectations for this stock, but I think it can bounce 10-20% in the coming days/weeks, I'll do video lesson more in depth this weekend!

Exit comments: I'll take the puny gains since this was supposed to be a longterm alert and I sent it to the wrong newsletters since I'm giving a webinar on 2 different laptops and am totally screwed up right now multi-tasking too much...Challenge students on the webinar are asking why not trade it for the short-term? Because it's simply not volatile enough so I wish I could take back these alerts, my bad, think of them as typos although earnings winners are not a terrible pattern to dip buy into panics

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razorblessed Nov 04, 16 2:06 PM

So you lost a point on this buy ? You bought at 7.25 and sold at 6.25?????

razorblessed Nov 04, 16 4:44 PM

Tim I got the alert on my phone said you bought at 7.25 and sold at 6.25, somethings wrong here cause I got the email from you when u buy at 7.25, addressed to ur position at 7.32 with a new average of 7.28, 5k long total. I don't follow trades I only see what ur buying and where ur buying. And you responded saying you bought today at 6.18. just don't add up to me!

Dylanevers1990 Dec 27, 16 6:16 PM

the day you posted this is on key but the entry dates listed must have been a typo! No one is perfect especially since he was probably just trying to quickly post it for us. But still on point with these catches! I hope to be a sniper like you one day!

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