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King_Ramza May 05, 17 9:15 AM

I guess I'm not the only one struggliing with trading cheap stocks. :)

BarrettP May 05, 17 9:26 AM

@King_Ramza Not at all!!! we're all struggling... its all one big hope, except the chart patterns don't lie!

HIMMENY May 05, 17 1:59 PM

@BarrettP yup! we all need to work hard for success, 90% of traders lose, its okay to struggle as long as were studying :)

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DeeSniper Mar 14, 17 9:43 PM

I'm thinking swing trading is safer than day trading in my current situation.

AngelTrades Mar 15, 17 2:18 PM

@DeeSniper Yeah I live out in the country as well lol. If I lived just 2 more miles down the road I could get fast internet but I'll just have to make it work for now :)

DeeSniper Mar 16, 17 1:22 PM

@AngelofPeace I'm in a cell phone dead zone so can't even have mobile backup. May get me a little apt in town if the $ starts rolling in.

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friesian Mar 12, 17 11:51 AM

WOW ... thx a lot for sharing this. Although it is very helpful I think that everyone who gains success like you, will have to experience it himself in one or another way. But having read stuff like this before might help to learn faster. So BIG THANKS for this. Hopefully I will be as successful one day. Keep on rockin!

CalebDeMoss Mar 12, 17 2:38 PM

William Gann is my nigga :^) Also is cloud nine anything like cloud eight? :thinking: IWAWO gucci post fam! :D

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