@Jonk87 charts looking good Stephen been following you on youtube since you posted your first vids with enough study and practice my chart will be on the way up like yours

Jonk87 Nov 12, 17 10:06 AM

awesome man love that

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JonathanIParra Aug 27, 19 9:48 PM

buy the rumor sell the news good example , you say the older press release on wkhs saying unveiling a heli on june 19, you stalked bought the breakout found out it wan't convicing and you got out with ur single nice

Outdoorchick Feb 09, 8:54 PM

Buy the rumor sell the news. Thanks Tim

Blondie17 Mar 05, 5:39 PM

Buy the rumor, sell the news

HenryCraig Mar 08, 4:06 PM

Preparation + Opportunity = Success "Knowledge and self-sufficiency are critical to my success in penny stocking."

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