@dux you broke a million; congrats! I'm shocked I had to search this myself to see that you did. Why aren't we hearing hype about your $1M breakthrough?

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1dux Aug 21, 17 10:38 AM

no need too lol

hle303 Jan 25, 6:06 PM

@dux Making $1M is enough hype for yourself lol

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@kroyrunner Hi Tim. Can you post some current live trades? I have your DVD, but it would be nice to see some current trades since markets change and adapting strategies is so important. Thanks.

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1TraderMasterPro Feb 22, 17 4:18 PM

I much agree with this post. I'm hungry for your knowledge!

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[TimAlerts] That's why we wait for the right moment! Lots of eager longs got burned on $NAK trying to predict the b/o.


[TimAlerts] It's doing well considering everyone and their mothers is trying to short $NAK. Holding near r/g nicely.

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