@dux Hi Steven. I heard that you don't use level 2 too much, that you mainly focus on the charts. Is that true. Do you use level 2 at all? Thanks

Chen Jan 30, 18 9:34 PM

mostly on otc

dux Feb 03, 18 11:44 AM


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@kroyrunner Hey Tim, I hope you and your new home are not in the path of hurricane Irma? If so, you should make like a trade going against you and take an early exit. Be safe!

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kroyrunner Sep 05, 17 6:03 PM

We left on Sunday, soooo glad now at the time I wasn't sure it was the right call. Hopefully our place doesn't get clobbered too badly! Thanks for your concern!

jeanniebeanie Sep 07, 17 7:10 PM

thinking about you and hurricane Irma , so glad you got out before it hit . Praying all is well at home when you arrive back safely.

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@kroyrunner Hi Tim. I live on the West coast and have been battling the issue of getting up so early in the morning because the markets open at 6:30am here. Would you say that the majority of the trades you take are in the morning, in the first hour or so? It seems like that's when the biggest moves happen. Thanx.

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kroyrunner Jul 27, 17 8:35 PM

yeah i think morning is most active. when i lived in colorado those early mornings were tough, but worth it!

stocksandstuff1 Jul 28, 17 11:43 PM

@kroyrunner I was wondering if that was one of the reasons you moved to the Caribbean? They're on Atlantic time so market opens at 10:30am 👍

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RWoody Sep 22, 18 9:44 PM

That was great. Thank you for sharing.

zaraza Jan 20, 19 1:49 PM

Thanks Tim. Awesome talk. Very good insight and advice.

Buckers Jun 06, 5:19 AM

Content didn't play?

stocksandstuff1 Jun 06, 1:26 PM

I just tried it and it worked, but if it doesn’t for you, just go to YouTube and search 2016 Orlando conference speech and it should come up in the results.

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