you better stop post your trades before you got robbed !

chinjeffrey Aug 14, 18 5:36 AM

hi Chen, i saw you dollowing dux. may i know what is your learning experience with him as i'm also considering to sign up tim challenge to learn to day trade

Kookie Jul 04, 19 3:40 PM

Hi your cute...

Kookie Jul 04, 19 3:40 PM

Let's work hard together

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@dux we can come to a conclusion that Dux forget about releasing the rest of the Dvd

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JoTrades Jun 21, 18 12:58 PM

I'm pretty sure he is putting a lot of work into it.

zhaocan1023 Aug 20, 18 2:07 AM

im considering buying the DVD, but ill wait till this thread got addressed @dux

karav2 Oct 05, 18 6:04 AM

Just study 1 and 2. Become a master a 1 and 2. Learn the charts, create your data, become dynamic in this market.

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@dux Was wondering how often do you use level 2 to help you execute trades or that doesn't help at all ?

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Tao2018 May 11, 18 12:53 PM

Trip keeps on going up

kevin134 May 15, 18 12:20 PM

level will help see walls of buyers or sellers resulting in a stock being unable to pass or even get to that price which you can see with level 2

Raylbc27 Jul 05, 18 12:00 AM

@Chen Chen don't trade if you don't have level-2 IMO lol Level-2 will be one of your best weapons going into the stock market..

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@dux Hi Dux, fantastic dvd that my friend got me for my birthday, but I got one big question for you: Whenever you're buying/shorting a stock cost you more than 100k, how do you stay confident if the stock gets halted and go the opposite directions while you in a trade. Do you have any precaution or something you know in advanced?

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dux May 02, 18 6:22 PM

yes called risk level know your risk before you enter the trade. if not enter a big position will be a diaster

Chen May 03, 18 6:49 PM

i'm appreciate your respond

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@kroyrunner HI man . congrats on your accomplishments .Quick question would you use the otc multiday breakouts stratagy from trading tickers in listed stocks ? Thanks man Ps : You are the man , best teacher , learned the most from your dvd , it's the best .

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